DeCasteljau Bezier Curve

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Author: Michel Pensas

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Quick Overview

Creates an After Effects composition taking the principle of the technique found by Paul de Casteljau to draw a Bezier curve.

DeCasteljau Bezier Curve

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This script creates an After Effects composition taking the principle of the technique found by Paul de Casteljau to draw a Bezier curve.


The user interface is created with Flash Builder allowing a representation of the Bezier curve before constructing the After Effects composition. Since it is Flash you can play with the UI right here (your browser will need to support flash):

Overall this project allows using the communication possibilities between ActionScript and ExtendScript, which is very interesting and opens more possibilities for scripting.

This script is more of an academic exercise than a script that has actual production purpose.

The usefulness of this type of script is to understand the extensive scripting thanks to new interface possibilities not possible only with the ExtendScript tools and made possible with Adobe Flash Builder with the ExternalInterface object and its call method that let's create communication between swf file and ScriptUI.

Note :
All source files are provided in this package.

Place the "DeCasteljauBezierCurve" folder in the "Scripts" folder Adobe > Adobe After Effects CS6 > Supports Files > Scripts on Windows and Adobe > Adobe After Effects CS6 > Scripts on Mac

Requires Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 for editing the .mxml file.
This version of the script requires After Effects CS6.
Runs on Mac and PC in the same way.


After Effects CC 2014, CC, CS6