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Author: Markus Bergelt

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Quick Overview

Easy to style Mapdata for GEOlayers 3. This is a monthly recurring subscription. 1, 6, or 12 month non-recurring licenses are also available.

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An easy way to license mapdata for your video projects.

The GEOlayers Mapdata Subscription is an easy way to access and license mapdata for your commercial and non-commercial projects.

The OpenStreetMap based data powered by MapTiler Cloud can be styled directly in After Effects. The data is served from a high-available server infrastructure for very fast and reliable hosting operated and maintained by MapTiler.

Note that GEOlayers 3 is required to use any of the data. All you need to do is purchase the GEOlayers Mapdata Subscription with the same aescripts account as your GEOlayers 3 license.

What's it for?

It empowers the following features of GEOlayers 3:

  • A data license for your commercial projects (Attribution is needed and should typically appear in a corner of the map. For productions with end credits, a credit there is also welcome.)
  • Stylized Mapcomp Imagery
  • Find Features by clicking the preview map
  • Mapcomp Labels in different languages
  • Watermask Mapcomps
  • Feature import for the current view
  • 3D Building drawing


Style your maps directly inside After Effects

The GEOlayers Mapdata Subscription gives you access to editable map imagery in GEOlayers 3. You can choose colors, adjust the line width, swap fonts, add hillshading to your maps and even show and hide certain groups of features.

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