Line Connection for Cinema 4D

  • Compatibility Cinema 4d
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Author: Liu Ran

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Quick Overview

Generate connection lines between selected objects in Cinema 4D.

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  • Connect according to the selected order.

       connect accordingto selected order

  • Each line has a handle for controls.

       control handle

  • Each point automatically generates a ripple object.


  • Control for thickness and density .

       thickness and density

  • Control for dashed or solid line.

       dashline and solidline

  • Control for the number of segments of Ripple objects.


  • Both line and ripple objects can control colors separately and define whether they are in diffuse or luminous mode.

       lumion diffuse

  • Control start and end time of the connection.


  • Randomly generate connections, or control the number of lines that are randomly generated.

       general all for selected custom line num

  • It's simple to connect objects in order or connect them separately.

       radial shape tree shape

  • New version updates:Add a fading effect to the spreading ripples.(you can turn it on/off by the "Disolve" option)

        (Before)  before      (After)     Before               



Cinema 4D R21, R20