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Quick Overview

20% Off until Oct 31. MoCode brings an entire development environment in After Effects for beginners and experts. It's not just a code editor, but an all-new way to write quickly and easily your expressions and scripts, save, classify and reuse it.

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With MoCode, you can explore a project and navigate between multiple properties, build a code library to reuse your work and share it with your team, create graphic interfaces for your expressions and scripts with a simple syntax, use snippets and autocompletion, and many more! Don't know if MoCode is for you? Just try it for free!

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Special Intro 20% Off until Oct 31

All the basics features of a code editor

Syntax highlighting, search & replace, multi-cursor, beautifier, useful shortcuts, autocompletion (for expressions and scripts)… Everything is here to enhance your coding experience.

Navigate quickly inside your project

A project explorer allows you to globally search for an expression in your project, as a file explorer in an IDE.

Switch from one expression to another in one click

Work on multiple expressions at the same time thanks to the tab browser

Create controllers directly from the editor

Don’t waste your time creating a slider or color control, renaming it, going back to your expression and creating a reference link. Now, you just have to define the type of your controller, its name and the layer target, and MoCode will create it and add an universal link to your code.

Create your controllers with a graphic interface or by coding thanks to the custom MoCode syntax.

Save your code in your library

One of the main feature of MoCode is the ability to create a code library. You can save your expressions and scripts in different libraries, add tags and a documentation, ans use a search engine to quickly find the code you need. You can even format your documentation thanks to the Markdown syntax.

Share and synchronize your libraries

MoCode allows you to import remote libraries from the web, and keep them up-to-date at each start. Export your library, upload it on a Github repository or anywhere on the web, and send the link to your friends and colleagues to share your work.

Say hello to snippets!

You can convert a saved code in your library to a snippet with a defined prefix. Go back to the code editor, type your prefix and select your snippet in the autocompletion list. Don’t waste anymore time rewriting the same code all over again!

Add some GUI to your code with Visual Mode

Create easily a graphic interface for your expressions and scripts thanks to the custom MoCode syntax.

Discover a new way to re-use your expressions and scripts without to modify the code. Assign a visual controller to a variable, so that you’ll be able to modify it graphically in the future. It’s also an efficient way to let other members of your team use your work without coding skills.

Obfuscate your entire project

MoCode lets you obfuscate all the expressions of your project in one click to protect your code.

Visualize your expression through time

Now, it's easy to visualize the evolution of your expression through time thanks to the timeline explorer.

Write directly universal expressions

Work with a french After Effects and send your project to your german colleague without problem: MoCode create expression references and links directly in a universal way.

Apply your expression to multiple properties at the same time

Switch from expression to script mode in one click

Well documented

A complete documentation is directly readable inside the extension. Don’t hesitate to browse it to discover all the features, shortcuts and tips of MoCode.

MoCode Tutorial

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