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Quick Overview

Detect double-click on layers and execute a script!





What is WQ Pro?

WQ Pro detects the user's double-click and executes a script. The script can be freely registered.
In other words, you are free to rewrite the behavior of layers double-click with your own script.

It can also detect the modifier key you are currently pressing!

It also supports detection in the viewer.
Separate scripts can be registered for the timeline and for the viewer.

You can also use the included scripts instead of your own.



Included Scripts


SWFolder is a timeline folder creation script.

By sandwiching layers between SWFolderF and SWFolderL, they can be manipulated like a folder on the timeline.



Pathsel is a script to select the paths.

Double-click on the shape layer in the viewer to select a path.



Happa is a script that fill in the gaps between layers.

Double-clicking on a layer with a modifier key moves the layer to the nearest front or rear.



TLFolder is a simple timeline folder creation script.

Double-clicking on a TLFolder created on the timeline will collapse the underlying layers.




Tutorial Web Pages

en:English Guide
jp:Japanese Guide




After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022
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