Set Render Queue Time Span

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Author: Ryan Ragle

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Quick Overview

Set start and end times for render queue items

Set start and end times for render queue items.

To change the time spans of your render queue items, start the script and select the Span style you want to make:

Work Area: Changes each item to its individual work area.
Entire Composition
: Changes each item to its individual length.
Custom: Changes each item to the values entered in the dialog.

If Custom is chosen, the start and end frames will be editable. The format of these fields will match your 'Time Display Style' preference of the project.

The last step is to choose whether you want to affect ALL items in the render queue that can be rendered OR items that have the 'Render' checkbox (or queued) selected. Once you click change time span, it will cycle through the items in the render queue and make the time format changes.

Note: If you are working with items with different frame rates in the project and your 'Time Display Style' is set to timecode, the conversion will make an attempt of matching the time. For instance, if you enter a value of 02:45, but the frame rate in an item is 30fps, the conversion process will change it to 03:15 as 02:45 would be an invalid time code for a 30fps project. This is not an issue when working with a time display style of "frames" or "feet and frames".

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