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Quick Overview

Create new layers above the currently selected layer in the composition.
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This little script creates new layers directly above the selected layer in the composition.

After Effects by default makes a new layer on top of the stack of layers so if you have a comp with many many layers and you are working on the bottom side it is very frustrating that you have to go to the top each time you make a simple null layer and manually drag it to the bottom

  • it makes new Adjustment, Camera, Light, Null, Shape, Solid and Text layers
  • it also automatically trims the new layer to the duration and in and out point of the selected layer in the composition
  • when no layers are selected or a composition is empty it just makes a new layer
  • very simple to use, no settings
  • very slim, it takes minimum space
  • it adapts to both horizontal and vertical arrangement
  • scripts are separated so users who already own ft-Toolbar or similar launchers can pick and add single scripts to their preferred launcher so they don't use unnecessary space and windows



  1. Unpack the zip file and copy both TurboLayers.jsxbin and the TurboLayers folder into "...Adobe After Effects CS XX/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels/"
  2. Start / restart After Effects


After Effects CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3