EFX Render Elements Plugin Suite

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Author: EFX Tools

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A full suite of plugins to help improve everyday compositing workflows.
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EFX Render Elements Plugin Suite


Working with CG render passes is never simple. Any experienced compositor will tell you that with every step you encounter new challenges. They also know that in this workflow lies an enormous power - you can completely change your shot without re-rendering, or achieve the same look in less time.

This suite has workflow tools developed over many years that incorporate many tricks and solutions that help in everyday compositing tasks.

Feature highlights:

  • select objects based on ID, Velocity or ZDepth pass,
  • remove artifacts on the edges of objects that are common in render passes workflows,
  • fix the 1 pixel gap between objects and their shadows in the shadow pass,
  • blur a layer but without crossing the boundary between two objects.
  • composite two layers using their ZDepth passes as a guide,
  • project a layer onto a CG rendering so that it deforms nicely,
  • create a depth wipe through a scene from back to front or the other way.

Quick Fun Scene

The suite includes 13 plugins:

  • Alpha Streaks
  • EFX ID Blur
  • EFX ID Edge Blur
  • EFX ID Select
  • EFX ID-Z_Depth Blur
  • EFX Shadow Fix
  • EFX Velocity (Motion Vector) Select
  • EFX Z-Depth Compose
  • EFX Z-Depth Cut
  • EFX Z-Depth Shadow

You can download the User Manual for details on individual plugins.

To check some of the plugins you can download the EFX Render Elements Free plugins here.

You can also buy just the Z-Depth plugins in the EFX Render Elements Z Depth Tools

Upgrade notice: If you already purchased ZDepth Tools and want to upgrade to the full Render Elements suite you will get a discount equal to the full purchase price of the ZDepth Tools. Login to see the discounted price if you qualify.


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