Two-Sided Layer

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Author: Adam Katz

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Quick Overview

Combine two layers into one that is different on the front and back

Two Sided Layer Splash Screen

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Lets you combine two different layers into a single layer with a different front and back.

How to use:

  • Select the 2 layers you want to combine. (The first layer you select is the front, the second is the back)
  • You have the option to keep the 2 layers within the current composition, or have them placed into a precomposition.
  • Run the script.

Details on "Current Composition" option:

  • Both layers will stay as separate layers in the current composition.
  • You can rotate both layers by rotating the front layer. (The back layer will be parented to it)

Details on "Precomposition" option:

  • Both layers will be moved into a precomposition
  • There will be 3 slider effects on the new precomposition layer (Rotate X, Rotate Y, Rotate Z)
  • Use these sliders to control the rotation of combined layers
  • Do not rotate the precomposition layer

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you have a camera present in your scene, you can not parent it to another layer.
  • You still have the ability to change the transparency of the front or the back layer like normal. The layers will simply switch between your new value and 0, depending on how it is rotated.


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