Plexus 2

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Quick Overview

Plexus is a next generation 3D particle system plugin for Adobe After Effects. Plexus 2 has over 15 exciting new features.
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The original Plexus was cool, Plexus 2 is plain awesome! The new features multiply its usefulness and versatility by 10 and open up a whole new world of scenarios where it can be used not only for info and data graphics but also creative exploration.-Mylenium
The new features and the ability to export as .svg-files makes Plexus 2 a weapon of choice for both video and print output.-Halvor Bodin
Plexus chomps through tens of thousands of points and lines no trouble. -Steve Kirby
Whether I'm using plexus with masks, lights or 3d objects, I haven't had as much enjoyment from a plugin since Trapcode Form. -Simon Bronson
It was very easy to get started. Within a day or less I was able to discover many different techniques with the plugin, and found it very intuitive. I feel like there are more possibilities than I really know right now. Just the fact that you can integrate it extensively with 3D means there is much more to discover.-Chris Murphy

Plexus is a Next Generation 3D Particle System Plugin designed for Adobe After Effects.

  • Create stunning generative art with ease
  • Highly integrated into After Effects, native camera and light aware
  • Breakthrough modular workflow, that is infinitely configurable
  • Create Organic Structures using powerful replication tools
  • Effectors to create physical simulations
  • High quality custom rendering engine
  • Depth of field
  • 32 Bit rendering
  • Control over rendering order

Plexus comes with the Plexus OBJ Sequence Exporter for Cinema 4D included for free!

For usage instructions please see video tutorials under the 'Videos' tab above.

Please note that Plexus 2 requires After Effects CS5 and above.


Upgrade notice: If you own Plexus 1 you can upgrade for $99.99.  To get the upgrade pricing you will need an account with the same email as your original purchase.  User accounts are a new feature of our new site so you will need to create a new account if you haven't already but make sure to use the same email address as your previous purchase to get the upgrade discounts. If you already have an account on the new site then simply log in. Contact us if you have any questions.

New Features Overview

Featured Work Created Using Plexus

Red Bull Signature Series 2013

New Features in Plexus 2:

1. New Layers Object

Get Point Data from not just Point Lights, but also 3D Null Layers, Spot Lights and all 3D Layers in the composition.
You can use 3D Tracking data directly without any expressions.

2. Facets

Generate Facets between points and control its properties based on the distance between its vertices.
You can use any lights in the composition to shade the Facets.

3. Facet Effectors

Modify Position, Color and Rotation properties of Facets using Noise Effector,
Spherical Effector and Layer Map Effectors.

4. Triangulation

Triangulate point clouds and reconstruct geometry from points automatically.
Control the properties of triangles based on the distance between vertices.
Choose between Nearest Triangles, Outer Hull and Mesh Triangulation modes
to achieve different types of Triangulation.

5. Render Objects

Create multiple Render Objects to render multiple points/sprites/lines/facets
using the same vertex data and control them using groups.

6. Random Sprite Modes

You can create sprites with random time sampling per vertex to create unique sprites.
You can now also use non-square aspect ratio compositions as sprites.
Also, you can choose between multiple looping modes.

7. Improved OBJ Support

OBJ File Sequences are automatically detected and relative paths are used for better project management.
OBJ Facets are automatically imported and can be used to create Facets.

8. 3D Beams

Create Beams in between objects in between groups.
Control the time of the beams and the range using Range Selector Animators.
You can also create Bezier Beams, which are very helpful to create Infographics and other visualizations.

9. 3D Splines

Use Spotlights to create 3D Splines and control them in 3D space.
You can also control the time and range of those splines using the Range Selector Animators.

10. Instances & Echo

Create multiple instances of existing Plexus objects and replicate them in 3D Space with Echo delay.
You can also create nested instances (like nested comps) and have numerous instances.

11.Instance Containers (OBJ Containers)

You can create containers out of any shape using the new instance containers, even OBJs.
You can contain all the vertices of a group/all groups in an arbitrary 3D shape.

12. Time-Distance Smoothing

Time-Distance smoothing helps you to smooth distance calculations over a period of time
and avoid jitter or any sudden movements in the Plexus.

13. Intuitive Graph based UI

New Graph based UI helps you control various properties over distance/time with much more precision

14. Adobe Illustrator Export

Export SVG Files directly from Plexus, which can be opened by Illustrator or any other vector application.
It helps users scale their designs to any print size resolutions.

15. Experimental OpenGL Renderer with HQ Depth of Field

Create High Quality Depth of Field and accelerate your rendering if you have an OpenGL 2.0 compatible graphics card.

Check the VIDEOS tab for lots of examples of work made with Plexus and tutorials

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Work made with Plexus 2:

Plexus Gallery

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Basic Workflow


3D Splines

3D Beams

Faces and Triangulation

Instances and Echo

Container Effector

Time Smoothing

Layers Object

Noise Effector


Spherical Field

OBJ Objects


Group Intersections

After Effects CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5
Cinema 4D R16, R15, R14, R13