Property Effector

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Property Effector brings Mograph style animation to AE, without the need for writing expressions.
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Property Effector


Lightweight and easy to use, Property Effector quickly links properties to a unified set of animation controls. Works great with particle systems, audio, and all of your favorite plug-ins.



  • Fine tune the relationships between properties, and drive complex animations with a single set of keyframes
  • Quickly create an effector for any animation and control it from a single driver
  • Easily remove effectors
  • Control animations in any comp or pre-comp with absolute effectors
  • Limit drivers to positive or negative only
  • Add as many effectors as you want


Effector Driver affects how much a property is effected


One Driver can control multiple effects and properties

Multiple Effects

Tutorial: Create an Audio Visualizer with Trapcode Particular

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