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Author: Animatable

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Quick Overview

Super-simple IK for After Effects

Limber Lite is the quickest and easiest way to get started with character rigging and animation in After Effects.

It’s a simplified, free version of Limber.

Animation is supposed to be fun - the tools should make it easier, not more complicated. With Limber Lite, character animation is more fun and less complicated than ever, and it’s available to everyone!

“Limber is the most intuitive rigging system I’ve used, which was a big help in making the character animation process less daunting to me.” - Ben Marriott

One button. One click

Click the New Bone button and you’ll instantly have a limb and two controller layers.

Play with the Limber effect on the end controller to change the limb’s length, curvature, and whether it faces left or right.

Fast to use, fast to render

Parent one of the controllers to your character’s body, and the other one to its foot.

Animate the position of the body and the feet, and the legs will automatically bend. Some people call it Inverse Kinematics or puppet-style animation.

Limber Lite limbs are exactly the same as the bones in the full version of Limber: simple paths that run faster than just about anything else out there.

Your master stroke

Anything you can do with a shape layer stroke, you can do with a Bone:

• Change the color, width and cap type

• Add Tapering to make one end wider than the other

• Duplicate the shape group to get a second stroke

• Use Trim Paths to make sleeves

• Use Layer Styles to add shading or other effects

“Limber makes rigging characters quick and simple, animating them light and speedy, and presenting them a delight!” - Fraser Davidson, Cub Studio

How do I rig and animate a whole character?

Limber Lite is so simple to use it almost doesn’t need a tutorial, but check out the video below if you're totally new to After Effects character animation. If you already know the basics and want to get better, we recommend The Animators Survival Kit. See how you can apply some of the principles from it to After Effects here.

Installation is easy - download, unzip and place the file inside your ScriptUI Panels folder. Open After Effects and click Window>Limber Lite.

With bones, quite a lot of the properties in the Limber effect are dormant: they don’t do anything - yet! If you want to experience Limber’s complete feature set click here to get the full version. To learn everything Limber can do in detail, check out the Limber User Guide.

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