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Stereo 3D Toolkit 2

  • Compatibility After Effects
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  • Compatibility Cinema 4d
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  • Compatibility Maya
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Author: Ryan Cashman

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Quick Overview

Professional stereoscopic workflow tools enable you to create mind blowing stereoscopic animation in After Effects. Automatically generates true left and right channels, and Stereo 3D Pre-Comps. Compatible with all your favorite After Effects Plug-ins.
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Really useful for creating stereoscopic 3D work with After Effects and Trapcode. Peder Norrby, Trapcode

More than a Camera

The Stereo 3D Toolkit is more than a 3D camera. It is a set of tools that enable you to create complex stereoscopic compositions inside of After Effects.

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 Quick Overview


  • True left and right channel hierarchy management.
  • Compatible with all your favorite 3D Effects and Plug-ins.
  • Improved 2D & 3D video workflow.
  • Supports multiple Stereo 3D Workflows in a single project.
  • Convert any pre-comp into a Stereo 3D Pre-Comp.
  • Improved Cinema 4D integration, includes preset library.
  • Maya compatibility with included camera rig.

New features in Version 2

Camera Rigs - In Version 1 only single cameras could be used to create the Stereo 3D Workflow. In Version 2, cameras can be parented to null objects to create animation rigs in stereo 3D. Existing camera rigs can be converted to stereo 3D, or new ones can be built and modified as you work.

2D & 3D Video - Version 1's workflow was primarily built for working with CGI. Version 2's improved workflow and tools make aligning your stereo 3D content to 2D or 3D video easier than ever.

Cinema 4D - Version 1 used a special camera rig, and required you to manually render the left and right channels from Cinema 4D.  Version 2 piggybacks on the built-in camera and rendering options for a more seamless workflow. Left and right channels can be exported simultaneously using the built in stereoscopic renderer.  You can work in stereo 3D using the viewport stereoscopic preview.  Download includes an object preset library with render settings and Stereo 3D Camera.

Maya - Version 1 did not have Maya support. Version 2 includes a Stereo 3D Camera project for Maya. Projects using the Stereo 3D Camera can be imported into After Effects as Maya Ascii files.  As in Cinema 4D, the Stereo 3D Camera piggybacks on Maya's built-in stereo camera.

Improved Performance - With 2 of everything, working in stereo 3D can become system intensive. In Version 1, camera animation could only be adjusted with the stereo 3D preview active. In Version 2 all of the camera and animation work to be performed on the left channel hierarchy. This reduces system strain while you work, calculating both channels only when it's necessary to preview the stereo 3D effect.

Organized - Version 2 allows for multiple Stereo 3D Workflows in a single project, automatically organizing them into folders.

Stereo 3D Pre-Comps - Quickly convert any pre-composition into a Stereo 3D Pre-Comp, complete with a nested instance of the master camera rig.

True Left and Right Channels

The Stereo 3D Toolkit v2.0 uses true left and right channels instead of collapse transformations. Because of this, it is compatible with all 3D effects and plug-ins that utilize composition cameras. Effects like Particular, Form, Element 3D, Optical Flares, and Plexus come through with true stereo 3D depth.

Ease of use

The Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 is designed to make managing complex hierarchies simple. The tools enable you to work on the left channel, while the right channel is an automatically generated instance.  The Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 also manages footage, swapping left and right channels where necessary to keep things in sync.


Compare Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 to After Effects built in stereoscopic camera

Although After Effects has a built-in stereoscopic camera, it uses collapse transformations to create the left and right channels. For plug-ins that utilize composition cameras separate left and right channels are required to see the true stereoscopic depth.  This is where the Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 steps in, creating true left and right channel compositions, and enabling the creation of additional Stereo 3D Pre-Comps with nested instances of the master camera rig.


Upgrade notice: If you purchased Stereo 3D Toolkit 1 after May 1st, 2013 you can upgrade to Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 for free.  If you purchased it before May 1st  you can upgrade for $49.99.  To get the upgrade pricing you will need an account with the same email as your original purchase.  User accounts are a new feature of our new site so you will need to create a new account if you haven't already but make sure to use the same email address as your previous purchase to get the upgrade discounts. If you already have an account on the new site then simply log in. Contact us if you have any questions.

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 Quick Overview

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 - Tutorial 1: Basics AE

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 - Tutorial 2: Intermediate AE

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 - Tutorial 3: Advanced AE (new)

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 - Tutorial 4: Cinema 4D

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 - Tutorial 5: Cinema 4D Advanced (new)

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 - Tutorial 6: Maya (new)

Stereo 3D Toolkit 2 - Tutorial 7: Working with Video

After Effects CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5
Cinema 4D R15, R14, R13
Maya 2014, 2013
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