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Author: Jacob Danell

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Quick Overview

13 small (but awesome) tools in one toolbar to help your daily struggles!



Tiny tools contains 13 different awesome tools in one dynamic toolbar, to help you with your daily struggles! From small and helpful to more advanced but easy-to-use tools.


The tools:


Calc is a small calculator. It's not like a normal calculator but gives to you fields, one to write your problem and the second to show you the solution (who really uses the + and - buttons on a computer calculator anyway!). The advantage of this is that you can assign names to numbers and use the name! Eg. Height = 125px. Margin = 10. (Height * 5 + width * 4) * 2 = 1580.


Clear Cache

It does what it says it does. It quickly clears all your kind of cache. Eg. when working with scripts that doesn't work well with After Effects cache-system it's always handy to be able to clear the cache quickly.


Color Matcher

Match two videos with each other in only 4 clicks! Select the shadows and highlights in both the videos and Color Picker takes care of the rest! What also makes Color Picker special is the ability to dynamically change the colors of the video (check xx:xx in the tutorial-video for more information).



Turn expressions on or off with a press of a button! Do it on selected properties, property-groups, layers or all comps in your project! ExpressIOn also is great if you accidentally break an expression, like deleting a layer and undoing it. Just press the button while holding down Shift and your expressions will be back on track!


Expression Baker

Having a lot of expressions can really slow down your work. Bake them to speed up! Select one or more properties or layers and bake everything! Your expressions are of corse saved. Just delete the keyframes and activate the expressions.



Link can be described like parenting but instead of inheriting properties, the properties are linked. You can link anything to anything! The position to blurriness. The masks expansion to the fractal noise's evolution. Really anything to anything.


But where Links power lies is in its expression-linking. This lets you apply expressions to your properties from one location only, meaning if you want to change the expression, change only ones and all the properties will be updated! And because they are linked and not parented, they will act as if the expression was written to them exclusively.


Mask Nudge

Press ones and then use your arrow-keys to move one more more masks. If your masks are keyframed the keyframes will move too. You can also move the image itself and leave the masks in their position.


Name Exchange

Quickly rename "Blue Solid 5" in the project panel to "BG" as the name is in the project panel. Also works the other way around. Rename the layer to its name from the project panel. You can also select a layer and press Name Exchange while holding down Alt to reveal the file in the project panel.


Print Screen

Press to save your current image without needing to render! The alpha is of course included! Just make sure you have your preview on full to get the best quality.


Reset Timespan

When rendering in AE, if you cancel the timespan will start from where you stopped. This is often not what you want when you will re-render. Reset Timespan resets it to what you intended it to be!


Script Launcher

Press, type and launch! Script Launcher is a small and effective script launcher that lets your search through all your script at any location and launch them! If they are located inside the ScriptUI folder, they will launch as dockable! Wanting to launch them dockable but don't want them in the ScriptUI folder? Don't worry. Script Launcher contains a tool to create shortcuts to your scripts and place the shortcuts inside the ScriptUI panel, making them dockable without needing to be there!


Search and Replace Expressions

Small but yet powerful search tool to search and replace expressions in the selected properties, property-groups, layers or in the whole project!



Loving the way you can toggle settings in almost any other software, simply using the arrow keys? Toggle let's you do that on all properties inside After Effects! Select any property or properties, press Toggle and toggle away on your keys! Having a layer selected and you will toggle the modes instead to quickly find the look you're looking for!


After Effects CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC
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