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Author: Matin Kazerooni

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Quick Overview

Apply a variety of Fade In and Fade Out transitions to After Effects' layers for your daily tasks and projects!

Say goodbye to the painful process of keyframing opacity for fading layers in After Effects...

especially when dealing with several layers.

Fade It! is super fast, easy, and time-saving for fading layers

It allows you to add a variety of adjustable fade transitions to After Effects’ layers with just One click for your day-to-day tasks and projects!

Just select layers, and Fade It! will fade them in and out.

(No keyframing needed)


Introducing "Fade It!":

Are you sick of the time-killing repetitive task of keyframing Opacity to make fade in and fade out transitions?

Try out Fade It!

A tool for applying fade transitions to layers.

Packed with variety of fade types (i.e., linear, ease, blink, and crazy) to provide you multiple options. 

You can easily adjust the duration of transitions by the markers added to layers. 

Choose your fade type and Fade It! will do the rest with one click, saving you lots of time!



Why does "Fade It!" exist?

I spent a lot of time keyframing Opacity to make fade in and fade out transitions for every project and Ae task I worked on.

Eventually, I started thinking, "how can I automate this process and have a variety of options to adjust fade transition?" And that's how Fade It! was born.

Using Fade It! I've left many hours of keyframing opacity of layers for fade transition!


Who is "Fade It!" for?

Fade It! is for anyone who uses After Effects and wants to work more efficiently with fading layers.

It saves a good amount of time specially for those designers who work on making courses, tutorials, demos, and more. 


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