Duplicate It!

  • Compatibility Premiere
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Author: Kabansky

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Quick Overview

Extension for true duplication of sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro


Extension for true duplication of sequences in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Everyone who has tried to clone sequences in Premiere Pro understands the pain of this attempt. In Premiere Pro, you must manually replace all nested items and manually clone each nest. But we solved this problem!


You can create clones of the active or selected sequence with the creation of unique copies of all nested items. Put all copies in a bin, change labels, add numbering and rename anything!


Flexible and convenient settings for renaming and sorting:

  • Create New Bin - create a new bin and put the duplicated items into.

You can create bin with your custom label color.

  • Search - enter text for searching across Project Item names

  • Replace - replace Project Item names with this line

  • Prefix - add prefix to item names

  • Calendar - add current date to item names

  • Clock - add current time to item names

  • Mag - add naming ONLY for search results

  • Suffix- add suffix to item names

  • Label - change label colors for imported items

Mag in this case change label colors ONLY for search results

  • Copies - Sequences duplicates number

  • Active or Selected sequence - sequence duplicate type

  • Set Prefix/Suffix numbering from - write from which number the numbering will begin

  • Zero - add 0 at the beginnig of numbering

  • Underscope- add underscore after (or before for suffix) the numbering

  • Mag clear all input lines

Also, be careful when you buying an extension for Mac computers. We tested that on the MacBook Pro 15 2019 and everything works well, but on the MacBook Pro 15 2013 and earlier, the extension may not work.
For Windows computers, everything works well. Please check the Trial version on your Mac computer.


Premiere 2020, CC 2019