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Author: Kabansky

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Quick Overview

Create and import sequences backups in Premiere Pro.


Create backups of sequences

Select any sequence in the project or backup an active sequence in one click! 

You will see the date and time when the copy was created in the backup list of your project. 

Useful if you want to save the current state of the sequence or to create a template.  


Write comments

Help your future self remember why you made this backup.

Import backups from other projects without opening them

Add saved sequences from other projects to the current project, along with all the nesting and footages. “Backup It!” saves your sequence as a project, so all effects and nested items are saved in the backups.

The main thing is to not move or rename the source files of the project on the disk (video, sound, pictures, etc.) because the extension saves the path to the source folder with the files.


Create templates for your routine tasks

Add the necessary sequences, effects, and items to your main sequence and backup it! 

Now your template is always at hand.

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