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Author: Kabansky

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Quick Overview

NEW:  Simple selection toolQuickly create and edit text layouts.
Headers text • Paragraph text • Numbered text list • Bulleted text list • To-Do text list • Quote text • Divider • Callout text

Splash 1920×768



New feature in version 1.0.4.



Simple selecting text layers of layout

Easily select and edit text layers in your layout with the new 1.0.4 version of Ustav!

With a couple of clicks, you can select all the text layers of a specific type (only headers, only paragraphs or all text layers of layout) that you have created with the extension.

After that, you can quickly change the font or apply an effect to selected text layers!




The Ustav consists of two main elements

    1. This is a panel for creating blocks and managing them
    2. Pseudo-effect layout settings for layout manipulation

Through the panel, the text blocks are created, which are attached to the layout layer in the composition.

The layout layer contains settings that apply to all blocks associated with this layout.

Full documentation and tutorials are here




Working with the Ustav starts from this panel. At the top of the panel there are buttons for creating the text blocks, at the bottom — for editing the layout

  • Add blocks
  • Move blocks
  • Remove block or layout
  • Adjust layout width
  • Update text selections
  • Remove layout expressions
  • Copy layout settings

Add text blocks

Add block  

Move blocks

Move blocks  

Delete blocks

Delete blocks  

Adaptive blocks

Respositive blocks  

Adjust width

Adjust width  

Remove layout expressions

Remove expressions  

Layout settings

Layout settings  

With the help of this pseudo-effect, the settings of the blocks associated with the created layout are made.

When creating the first block, an auxiliary layer is created next to it in the form of 6 points. If you select it and go to the Effect Controls panel, then the Ustav layout settings effect is located there

  • Text sizing
  • Leading, tracking, spacing
  • Change color
  • Numbered list controls
  • Bulleted list controls
  • To-do list controls
  • Quote controls
  • Divider controls
  • Callout controls

Change text size

Text size  

Leading, tracking, spacing


Change color


Numbered list

Numbered list gif  

Bulleted list

Bulleted list gif  

To-do list

To-do list gif  


Block types


h1h2h3 Headers

Headings in three sizes. Their size increases based on the increase type scale factor in layot layer settings


Aa Paragraph

Main text block without any elements


Numbered list icon Numbered list

Paragraph block with numbered list. When adding a new numbered list block, the numbering is updated

You can set your own initial numbering in which the countdown will take place

Numbered list

Bulleted list icon Bulleted list

A paragraph block with a bullet element. You can choose 7 types of bullets or make your own type of bullet

Bulleted list

To-do list icon To-do list

Paragraph block with checkbox element. The checkbox has 2 states: checked and unchecked.

You can start the checking animation with a marker

To-do list

Quote icon Quote

Paragraph block with placed vertical responsive line


Divider icon Divider

Visually separates blocks from each other


Callout icon Callout

Paragraph block placed in a responsive rectangular box

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