Rename It!

  • Compatibility Premiere
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Author: Kabansky

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Quick Overview

Batch renaming and sorting tool for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Organize your project with the “Rename It” extension!

A new level of project management from the creators of “Rename and Change Toolkit” (yes, you can have a special price if you bought it!)

Rename It” can search, rename and sort your items in the project window and timeline.

Project Window

Work with the items of the current project in Project Windows

Search Items - search items in Project Window. If nothing is written in the fields for the search it will rename all items (or the selected type of items - Sequence, Video) in the project.

Work with Selected - rename or sort the items that are selected in Project Windows

You can select the type of item which you need to find. It can be Video, Sequence, or all items.

Work on Timeline

The timeline search function works on the active sequence. You can search and rename clips, or work with selected clips.


Name and Label are universal attributes for any type of item.

Select the attributes for the video or sequence search. Combine as you need!

Search Attributes / Sequences

Search Attributes / Videos


Enable or disable the checkbox to use each function individually or together. Thus, you can apply one function or two at once.


  • Replaces the text string in item names
  • If nothing is written in the fields for the search it will rename all items (or the selected type of items - Sequence, Video) in the project
  • Give the item names back

If your item is located as a file on a local disk (video, music, image) then the name will be changed to the original file name on the disk.

  • Add any prefix or suffix
  • Add current date and time to item names
  • Rename clips


This will help you organize your project even better! Change label colors for found or selected items and put them in a bin. It works only in the Project Window section.

Download Free Trial Version!

Please note - Requires Adobe Premiere CC2020 and higher.

"Rename It" will not work if you have disabled "New World" in the console according to the instructions for our "Rename and Change Toolkit". Sorry, but this is an Adobe issue that they cannot solve.

Upgrade Offer

If you own Rename and Change Toolkit you can upgrade to Rename It! with a 40% discount. Simply log in to the same account and the discounted price will be automatically shown. If you need assistance please open a support request.

See more in the tutorial:

Premiere 2020, CC 2019