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Author: Alon Shemer

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Quick Overview

Automation Toolkit lets you create your own custom buttons with their own custom functionality! Basically, a "Whatever You Want!" button maker!

What is Automation Toolkit Pro?

Automation Toolkit is an extension for Adobe After Effects that lets you create your own custom buttons with their own custom functionality, It allows you to create a variety of script-like functions, called Automations.

With Automation Toolkit you have the power to improve your workflow beyond using other scripts, You can design and shape ideas into working solutions for your projects without having any knowledge in programming or after effects scripting!

"I can't code at all!"

Automation Toolkit uses a new and intuitive form of "programming" that allows anyone to program in a simple way, users no longer need to remember strange expressions and can experiment without getting scary error messages.

"Is it Free?"

Automation Toolkit Pro is not free but there is a free version where you can store up to 10 automations at the same time. The free version includes all the best features from the paid version.



Automation Editor

Gain Complete Control

Manipulate Layers

Manipulate Layers_Gif

Control the Project_Gif

Control the Project

Adjust Keyframes and Markers

Adjust Keyframes and Markers_Gif

Modify Effects_Gif

Modify Effects

Render Files

Render Files_Gif

External Files_Gif

Read and Write
External Files

And There is More

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop your automation files into the panel, drag and drop automations / categories to organize them inside the panel

Drag and Drop_Gif

Keyboard Shortcuts

Run your automations using keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts_Gif

Share Your Automations With Others

You can share your automations with all your colleagues who have a copy of Automation Toolkit free / pro so their work will be more productive too!

Share Automations_Gif

Work as a Team

Use the same libraries of automations on multiple computers at the same time using a shared network drive, suitable for studios with multiple users

Team Work_Gif

More than 280 properties and actions are supported

Layer Properties Layer Actions
  • name
  • name include
  • name starts with
  • name ends with
  • comment
  • active
  • enabled
  • audio enabled
  • selected
  • selected index
  • first selected
  • last selected
  • index
  • in point
  • out point
  • start time
  • current time
  • is locked
  • is null
  • is solid
  • is camera
  • is light
  • is shape
  • is text
  • parent
  • this layer
  • is shy
  • is solo
  • stretch
  • label
  • isAdjustment
  • motion Blur
  • 3d
  • blending mode
  • track matte
  • frame blending
  • collapse transformation
  • time remap enabled
  • effects active
  • guide layer
  • height
  • width
  • opacity
  • position x
  • position y
  • position z
  • anchor point x
  • anchor point y
  • anchor point z
  • scale
  • scale x
  • scale y
  • scale z
  • rotation
  • rotation x
  • rotation y
  • rotation z
  • orientation
  • orientation x
  • orientation y
  • orientation z
  • time remap
  • audio levels
  • isDuplicate
  • source text
  • font
  • font size
  • text justification
  • camera depth of field
  • camera zoom
  • number of markers
  • containing comp
  • source
  • delete
  • duplicate
  • copy to comp
  • move to beginning
  • move to end
  • move after
  • move before
  • reposition anchor point
  • remove all effects
  • add effect
  • add marker
  • delete all markers
  • apply animation preset
  • replace layer
  • retime selected keyframes
  • retime all the keyframes
  • offset selected keyframes
  • offset all the keyframes
Project Item Properties Project Item Actions
  • name
  • name include
  • name starts with
  • name ends with
  • file extension
  • item id
  • parent folder
  • is selected
  • item type
  • is still frame
  • use proxy
  • has alpha channel
  • alpha channel mode
  • loop
  • number of layers
  • number of markers
  • this item
  • label
  • height
  • width
  • duration
  • start timecode
  • frame rate
  • pixel aspect ratio
  • time indicator
  • work area start
  • work area end
  • isMissing
  • motion Blur
  • isDuplicate
  • project name
  • root folder
  • source file
  • source proxy file
  • open in viewer
  • delete
  • duplicate
  • precompose (move all attributes)
  • precompose (move and adjust duration)
  • precompose (leave all attributes)
  • add item
  • replace item
  • replace with solid
  • replace with placeholder
  • add solid
  • add adjustment layer
  • add null
  • add text
  • add Camera
  • add light
  • add shape
  • add to render queue
  • send to media encoder
  • set proxy
  • unset proxy
  • add vertical guide
  • add horizontal guide
  • remove all guides
  • copy all guides
  • add marker
  • delete all markers
Effect Properties Effect Actions
  • name
  • match name
  • index
  • enabled
  • selected
  • delete
  • move to beginning
  • move to end
  • move to
  • duplicate
  • set dropdown menu items
Marker Properties Marker Actions
  • comment
  • time
  • index
  • label
  • duration
  • number of markers
  • add marker
  • delete marker
Project Properties Project Actions
  • name
  • color bit depth
  • linearize working space
  • linear blending
  • working space
  • working gamma
  • time display style
  • number of render queue items
  • operating system
  • app version
  • project file
  • javascript variable inputs
  • javascript code result
  • add composition
  • add folder
  • menu command
  • run javascript code
  • start render
  • remove unused footage
  • open project
  • save as
  • copy to clipboard
Render-Queue Properties Render-Queue Actions
  • render enabled
  • index
  • render status
  • number of outputs
  • source comp
  • delete
  • duplicate
  • apply template by name
  • apply template from list
  • add output module
Output-Module Properties Output-Module Actions
  • name
  • index
  • post render
  • file
  • delete
  • apply template
  • save destination file
Property Properties Property Actions
  • name
  • match name
  • value
  • time
  • property selected
  • keyframe selected
  • speed in
  • speed out
  • influence in
  • influence out
  • index
  • expression
  • is expression enabled
  • have keyframes
  • number of keyframes
  • this property
  • enabled
  • add key
  • delete key
  • delete all keyframes
  • retime selected keyframes
  • retime all the keyframes
  • offset selected keyframes
  • offset all the keyframes
  • copy keyframe
File Properties File Actions
  • name
  • path
  • path encoded
  • system path
  • data
  • exists
  • extension
  • date created
  • date modified
  • current date
  • date format
  • size
  • parent folder
  • is image sequence
  • this file
  • import
  • file select window
  • file save window
  • create
  • rename
  • open
  • copy to
  • check image sequence
Folder Properties Folder Actions
  • name
  • path
  • path encoded
  • system path
  • number of files
  • number of folders
  • exists
  • date created
  • date modified
  • current date
  • date format
  • size
  • parent folder
  • this folder
  • import
  • folder select window
  • create
  • rename
  • open

More Tutorials

Maximum number of automations 10 Unlimited
Maximum number of categories 3 Unlimited
Keyboard shortcuts (assign keyboard shortcuts to run automations)
Shared storage (multi-computer use of the same categories and automations for business)
Automation functionality All Features All Features
Free Download


"Where can I get help?" 

The best way to get help is by asking questions in the community forum (not in the comments product page), there are also tutorials (the tutorials of the old script also apply to this product) and a product user guide website.

"Can Automation Toolkit do ____?"

Probably yes, Automation Toolkit is made to be as versatile as it can be so you can create almost any idea although if the idea is complicated the automation will probably also be complicated to create.
It's worth checking out the supported properties and actions or asking in the community forum.

"Is Automation Toolkit difficult to use?"

  • Creating complex automations can be quite difficult in a way that it initially requires you learning the basic and advanced tools that help turn the idea into a working algorithm.
  • Creating basic automations is very simple.
  • The user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate through.

"Are there any pre-made automations?"

There are currently relatively few pre-made automations but there are a few that come with the product and several other automations in the community forum that other people have shared.
The number is relatively low because usually the automations that are shared in the forum are complex and built to be useful for many different use cases while many of the automations that are made answer a specific problem in the project.
I encourage people to share their automations in the forum.

"Can Automation Toolkit export regular .jsx script files?"

No, but you can run and share automations for free using the free version where you can store up to 10 automations at the same time. The free version includes all the best features from the paid version.
if you want to share automations with your colleagues who don't have the pro version just ask them to install the free version and they will be able to use your 10 best automations.

"I own the old version do I get the new version for free?"

Yes! If you own the old version, but for some reason it still asks you to buy the pro version, please submit a support ticket.

Technical Capabilities


The loop purpose is to go through items and run the same operations on all of them.
Loop enables you to run operations on all the layers, compositions, footages, keyframes.
You can add an automation line inside the loop so as you run the automation the loop will run it’s automation lines on all specified items.


Sometimes, we need to perform different automations based on different conditions.

The if automation line purpose is to add logic to your automations so you can make automations that take effect only on specific items.


set the value of any property that can be changed by the user. First you have to specify which property to set and then specify what the new value of this property should be.
Set can run mathematical calculations of many properties or custom values.


The action automation line will do a function on Layers/Items/Keyframes.
The functions enable to do manipulations that not connected to any property,
for example - duplicate, delete, replace, and more.

Message & List box

The message automation line displays a window with a specified message and an OK button.
Message can show most of the properties of Layers/Project Items/Keyframes combined with a custom text.

Message can also be used to make a list of text data from specific properties.

The list box automation line displays a window with a specified list of messages and an OK button.

List Box messages can be copied as plain text to any other application.


Variable automation line can contain every type of object:
Variable purpose is to save custom value of any kind of object
for later use.
Some properties can be accessed only inside a loop
so if you want to use this value outside of the loop
you have to save it inside a variable.


  • After Effects with a different language other than english not fully supported and some properties won't work as expected (menu command, position when the dimensions are separated, x,y,z rotation when 3d).
  • Some Keyframe Properties can't be changed (keyframe interpolation, toggle hold keyframe), the value of the keyframe can be changed.
  • Shapes and Masks are not supported and cannot be accessed.
  • Text Layers - only source text, font, font size and justification are supported, text animators are not supported too.

Upgrade Notice:

If you purchased Automation Toolkit 1 you can upgrade to Automation Toolkit Pro for free, simply login to the same account and you will see the upgrade price automatically adjusted. If you need assistance please open a support ticket.


See the forum -

See User Manual


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