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Author: Markus Feder

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Quick Overview

Helps speeding up the workflow and lets you work more intuitively with Adobe AfterEffects. The basic idea is to compress a sequence of frequently performed steps into one single step.


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The "Get-Sh*t-Done" Palette helps speeding up the workflow and lets you work more intuitive with Adobe After Effects. The basic idea is to compress a sequence of frequently performed steps into one single step. For example: If you want to add trapcode particular to a composition you usually right click to add a new solid. Then right click on the new layer, go to effects, go to trapcode and finally select particular.  Plus, if you feel tidy you rename the solid to particular.  With the "Get Sh*t Done" Palette you just select particular from the trapcode dropdown menu and all is set up and good to go.



Installation: Unzip the Get-Sh* file and copy Get-Sh*t-Done.jsx to the folder Adobe After Effects CS4> Scripts> ScriptUI Panels.  Then start After Effects and select Get-Sh*t-Done.jsx from the bottom of the Window menu. Now you can dock the panel wherever you like or keep it as a floating window.

The functions in detail:

Basic ... All pretty straight forward, create layers quick and easy.

  • Text
  • Solid
  • Light
  • Adjustment Layer
  • Camera
  • Camera (AutoOrient off): Camera with Auto-Orient turned off
  • Null
  • Slider Control: Expression Control Effect is added to the selected layer
  • Project Setup: Creates the standard folders I use in my projects (PreComps, Material, Audio, Solids)
  • Timecode: Puts Timecode in the lower right corner

Adjustment ... Creates Adjustment Layers and adds effects to them.

  • Color Correction: adds Levels, Curves and Saturation
  • Tritone
  • Looks
  • Fast Blur
  • FL Depth of Field
  • RSMB
  • empty Adjustment Layer

Trapcode ... According to the selected effect a Solid or an Adjustment Layer is created and the effect is applied to the layer.

Generate ... Create Solids with selected effects. Except the last three change the background color of the composition.

  • Fill
  • Ramp
  • 4-Color Gradient (this has a custom color preset)
  • Checkerboard
  • Grid
  • Fractal Noise
  • Solid (black)
  • Solid (White)
  • Set Composition Background to Black
  • Set Composition Background to White
  • Set Composition Background to Red


After Effects CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3