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Author: Allan Raffel

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Quick Overview

The easiest way to create text boxes in After Effects.

Boxer is the easiest way to create auto-scaling text boxes in After Effects. 

  • Preview your text and box to try out a few styled before creating.

  • Adjust the padding, corner radius, stroke width, fill color and stroke color.

  • Click Boxer!
    A shape layer is automatically created to your specifications and parented to the text layer.

  • The box will automatically re-size to fit the size of any text changes.

  • A pseudo-effect is add to the shape layer, allowing you to continue to easily modify all the styles even after the layers have been built.
Since the only things generated are simple shape layers, your project will remain completely shareable with clients or colleagues!
No plugins, no proprietary FX and no awkward conversations.





Included in download

  • Boxer After Effects Extension.
  • Boxer Lite After Effects Script.
  • User Guide for both versions.


Boxer Quick Guide 

Bonus Boxer Lite Script.

Boxer-Lite is the stripped back, UI-less, script version of Boxer.

Instead of previewing the box and dialling in the design before creating the layers., Boxer-Lite builds the shape layer and adds some default styling using the Pseudo-Effect.

This styling can then be modified to get the desired look.

This is the perfect solution if you need to save space within your After Effects UI.


 Boxer pseudo effect added to shape layer


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