Flowers Bloom

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Author: MotionDesk

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Quick Overview

A complete studio for creating stunning growing flowers and bushes in After Effects

A complete studio for creating growing flowers and bushes in After Effects.
Customize stems, flowers, leaves, and more. Simple and easy to use !


  • You can easily create your desired complex animated Flowers and bushes.
  • Over 66 Stems (Animated) in 3 categories. (+ updates)
  • Over 160 Flowers (Animated) in 4 categories.(+ updates)
  • Over 125 Leaves in 4 categories.(+ updates)
  • Over 55 Animated Leaves in 2 categories.(+ updates)
  • Over 30 Premade Templates(+ updates)

  • Create millions of flower shapes by combining stems, flowers, and leaves
  • Full setting for all objects (Control anything's)

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Flowers Bloom Tutorial

After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021
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