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Quick Overview


Build and manage Head Rigs with intuitive controls. Rigging heads has never been so easy.


New Version 1.1!

New Controller Functions      Universal Language Support      CS6 Support

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  • Build head rigs in a few clicks
  • Left/right/up/down head turns
  • Manage multiple rigs
  • Isolate L/R or U/D for precision tweaking
  • Duplicate rigs to create variations
  • Swap animated head rigs in one click
  • Tools to help you build/prep head rigs
  • Motion Path Nulls: keyframe the scale/rotation/position
    of animated motion paths
  • v1.1 Value Controller • Keyframe Slider • Group Switcher
  • v1.1 Universal Language Support
  • v1.1 CS6 Support

Head Rig Anatomy

Head Controller

Controls the head turn animation.

Head Null

Moves the entire Head Rig.

How It Works

1. Create Head Null

Create a Head Null, and parent all head rig layers to it.

2. Animate Left/Right

Animate a left/right head turn, then select your left/right properties & set them as your left/right keyframes.

3. Animate Up/Down

Animate an up/down head turn using different properties than your left/right head turn, then select your up/down properties & set them as your up/down keyframes.

Optional - Create Up/Down Null

Parent selected layers to a null that you can use to animate their up/down. For example, if you animated a layer's position left/right, parent it to a null and animate the null's position for the up/down.

4. Create Head Controller

Create an Head Controller, set it's boundaries, and rig it! Done!


Animate the shape of keyframed motion paths for extra faux-3D precision

Swap out entire head rigs in a click. Even if they're animated.

Plus many more tools...


Three short videos to help you learn the ropes. Because nobody wants to watch a 30 minute training video.

Quick Start 


v1.1 - New Controller Functions

Version 1.1 introduces three new functions to help you customize the hell out of your head rig.

  • Panel Empty
  • Animating Head Turns
  • Head Controller Rigged
  • Compact Panel
  • Settings
After Effects CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6