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Author: Kevin Schires

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Quick Overview

Makes integrating plugins with AE layers...well...elementary. Create complex 3D animations, shadows and reflections for any 3D plugin, and much more.

Elementary has become a full-featured panel to help you work with Shapes and 2D/3D plugins in After Effects.
Follow the Elementary channel on Vimeo for demos, tutorials and tips.


Use Elementary to automatically depth sort 3D plugins and 3D layers, and control the position, rotation and scale of Shapes or 3D models using Null Objects. This allows you to visualise and place accurately the 3D objects and their pivot point, and parent them to other AE layers.


Attach the 2D parameters of any plugin including the Puppet Tool to 2D or 3D null objects.

Shadows, Reflections

Cast shadows from 3D objects onto AE's 3D layers, or turn any 3D layer into a mirror.


Create copies of any layer and its effects that will be linked to the original one, even if the copy is placed in another composition. And control how copies of effects should be linked to the original effect to make sure rendering remains as fast as it can be.

Camera cut-off

Plugins that support camera cut-off can be used to create depth passes. You can also slice them in halves to place another layer in between.


Create advanced effects customized for Element 3D and other plugins. Change the look of your models with the Cel-Shading and Dragan effects.

A complete description of the product and tips & tricks can be found on www.schiresk.com.



  • Elementary - Panel
  • Elementary - Shadows
  • Elementary - Reflections
  • Elementary 1.2 - Particular & Mir

Depth Sorting

Plugins Linkage


Helicopter Tutorial

After Effects CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4