Isolate Tools for Cinema 4D

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Quick Overview

A set of two Cinema 4D plugins that will independently isolate the selected lights or objects in your scene. Works with third-party renderers!

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What is Isolate Tools?

Isolate tools is a set of two plugins which will independently isolate the selected lights or objects in your scene. It is a simple but smart workflow tool that you need. It work with third party renderer. You will never light your scene the same way you did before.

Isolate Light

Isolate light the main core of the plugin. It allows you to isolate the selected light/lights in your scene without hiding any objects or polygon. This can dramatically improve how you light your scene. As you can specifically fine tune each individual light.

Isolate Object

This tool does not calculate any object hidden and make the scene more interactive as your scene gets complicated. It isolate the selected object but no lights are hidden.

The main function of this plugin is isolating the selected object similar to solo but doesn't affect the lights that are in the scene. This mean you can just focus on the isolated objects to fine tune the desire look without getting distracted by other objects.

Why do you need this plugin?

It is the missing tools but essential for artist who does look development, animation and modelling.



Single Click - This function isolate the selected light/lights in your scene.

Shift + Click - Add the selected light to hidden.

Alt + Click - Isolate the selected light along with the above light if its nested in the hierarchy but any light below it will not included.

Ctrl + Click - Isolate the object with the children but only the first child.

Cinema 4D S24, R23, S22