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Author: Mike Udin

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Quick Overview

Color ID and White matte passes for your materials/objects/texture tags!


Surprisingly, Cinema 4D does not natively allow the output of materials in separate passes, either as a white mask or as each material represented in different colors. TakeMatPass is a plug-in for Cinema 4D R17 and higher that can create an additional "take" with a mask of the material/object/texture tag that can be output as a Color ID pass or multiple white masks.


Beauty pass

Beauty pass

White matte mode

White matte pass
For each selected material/object/texture tag in the material manager, TakeMatPass creates a separate take, where material/object/texture tag is displayed with a white mask, and everything else, through the Material Override function, is black.

Color ID mode

Material ID pass
For all selected materials/objects/texture tags, TakeMatPass creates take with the name «MaterialID», here each material/object/texture tag is displayed with a separate unique color.


  1. Effects of visual geometry deformation (displacement) created by materials of third-party renderers are not supported.

  2. Each take operates independently as a separate document. Therefore, when rendering takes, you must first of all to bake simulations: dynamics, particles mograph animation and so forth.

How to install plugin

Unpack archive with installation files to here:

c:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D (version whatever)\plugins\FastSplineConnector.

If you are on a Mac just go to Applications > Maxon > Cinema 4D (version whatever) > plugins\FastSplineConnector.

Restart Cinema 4D.


Cinema 4D 2024, 2023, S26, R25, S24, R23, S22, R21, R20, R19, R18, R17
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