Motion Manager for Cinema 4D

  • Compatibility Cinema 4d
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Author: Kengo Ito

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Quick Overview

Motion Manager enhances the efficiency of animation workflows in Cinema 4D. It is packed with features to speed up keyframing, such as copying and pasting easing, creating bounce and elastic animations, and more.

What's New in v1.2:
- Live preview feature for each curve editor.
- Improved usability of the presets library


Copy & Paste Easing

Selected keyframes can be retrieved, edited on the curve editor, and applied to other curves.
You can copy and paste not only a single easing, but also curves consisting of many keyframes.

Bounce / Elastic Animation

Only 3 parameters need to be adjusted to create a bounce / elastic animation. This saves a great deal of time in producing them manually.
Apply to deformer intensity for attractive deformation animations.

Preset Library

Frequently used curves can be named and saved in the preset library so that they can be recalled with a single click when needed.
You can save not only Ease, but also Bounce and Elastic parameters.

Live Preview

Hover over a curve to play a live preview. You can see the motion without having to apply it one by one, allowing you to pursue the ideal motion efficiently.


  • Align Keyframes button aligns the beginning or end of multiple selected keyframes with the current time.

  • Scale Curve button allows precise scaling for the selected curve. Anchor points can be set for horizontal and vertical scaling.

  • Clean Curve button erases all but the first and last keyframes of multiple selected keyframes.

  • Track Filter helps you quickly find the track you need from the many tracks on the timeline.


If you purchased Motion Manager for Cinema 4D or Grafixer on Gumroad when it was a "Name Your Own Price" product you can transfer your order data and get a discount equal to 100% of what you paid for it. So for example, if you paid $10 on Gumroad, you can get a $10 discount towards this new version. Click here for details on how to transfer your data. Once you have finished the import, simply login to the same account and the discount will be automatically applied. If you need any assistance please open a support request.

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