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Author: Luke Letellier

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Quick Overview

Genome is a modified cloner object that allows users to dynamically manipulate every property of each individual cloned object.

Intro to Genome


While a standard cloner object creates instances of a source object, Genome creates actual duplicates that reside in your object browser.

Through the use of Xpresso, users can manipulate their clones individually or in groups, modifying properties such as light shadow types or the strength of a bend deformer.

Gone are the days of pressing that dreaded 'C' key and converting your parametric cloner object into a series of non-procedural clones. With Genome, you get the best of both workflows: the procedural qualities of the Mograph module alongside the near limitless possibilities of Xpresso.

Main Features:

- Real clones, not instances.

- Control every aspect of your clones, not just the PSR Values.

- Compatible with Mograph Effectors.

- Automatic creation of hierarchy nodes and Reference nodes pre-programmed to iterate through your hierarchies (no need to set the start paths and iteration paths, etc)

- 'Genome Anchor' Xpresso node: when duplicating Xpresso setups, your object nodes will automatically refer to the original source objects, not the duplicates. The Genome anchor node helps you ensure that the object nodes are referring to the correct objects.

To Install: 


Unzip the downloaded file; inside you’ll find two other folders - “R14” as well as “R15 & R16”. Inside each of these folders will be another folder named “Genome”. Drag and drop the appropriate Genome folder into the plug-ins directory where you have installed Cinema 4D.

 On a Mac, this is generally found at: 

Applications --> MAXON --> Cinema 4D --> Plug-ins

On Windows, this is generally found at: 

C drive --> Program Files --> MAXON --> Cinema 4D --> Plug-ins


Intro to Genome




Genome - Basic Training




Genome - Mograph Integration




Genome - Xpresso Intricacies

Cinema 4D R16, R15, R14