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Author: Doug Haus

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Quick Overview

Get ready to save hours of time with a new workflow friendly way to separate dimensions in After Effects. You'll never go back to right-clicking 'Separate Dimensions' or 'Unlink Scale' on a layer again!

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Get ready to save hours of time with Keep 'Em Separated 2!


Every animator needs to separate X and Y dimensions on a layer's position or scale values in order to animate fluidly. Yet After Effects make this process slow and unintuitive - costing animators hours of time right-clicking through menus, going one layer at a time, and redoing animation that's automatically set back to default.

And separating scale is even worse because After Effects doesn't even allow you to separately keyframe the X, Y, or Z dimensions, costing even more time and creating more headaches for animators.



Keep 'Em Separated is here to help. With Keep 'Em Separated just click the button and your layer's position or scale dimensions will be separated instantly. Keep 'Em Separated can work on multiple layers at once, works on 2D and 3D layers, and Keep 'Em Separated won't change keyframes that are already on the layer - everything will animate just as it was before you separated dimensions, meaning you can spend more time creating and less time preparing to animate. You can rejoin the dimensions at any time if you'd like, so every operation is non-destructive, allowing you to work smarter, faster, and with ease.

It's that simple, it's that easy. It's Keep 'Em Separated!


What's new in Version 2

- Scale separation and joining. Now you can separate scale dimensions with the click of a button! Just like with position, you can separate/join across multiple layers, on 2D and 3D layers, and KES 2.0 will preserve your keyframe animation. You'll never 'unlink' scale again!

- Totally redesigned and intuitive UI means separating and joining keyframes in your workflow is even easier than ever

- Improved speed and even more accurate keyframe interpolation when separating/joining

- Improved and expanded Kbar support


Praise for Keep 'Em Separated





Upgrade Notice

If you purchased KES when it was a "Name Your Own Price" tool you can get a discount equal to half of what you paid. Simply login to the same account and you will see the discount automatically. If you have any questions or need assistance please open a support ticket.



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