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Author: Surround Media

Availability: No Longer Available

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7 fully-rigged, web browser styles. Resize, scroll, rollover and move just like real web browsers. Great for UX prototyping, wireframing, web-site demos, simulated screen-captures, desktop interaction animations and more. Just drop in your own web page graphics and never waste time cutting up screen grabs of browsers again. Both mac and pc styles included.

RigFast Web Browsers



NOTE: In AE 2019 set Expression Engine to Legacy ExtendScript

RigFast Web Browsers are a time saving tool for people who create UX prototypes, wireframes, web-site demos, simulated screen-captures, desktop interaction animations and more.

These are fully-rigged web browser graphics that move just like a real web browser right inside After Effects.

Stop cutting up screen grabs, photoshopping new text, or manually resizing windows and scrollbars. 

Our browser rigs save you hours of work and provide the flexiblilty you need to meet tight deadlines.

Just drop in your web page graphics and let RigFast Web Browsers worry about getting the browser UI right, so you can work on the content that matters.


  • 7 different browsers for PC or Mac
  • Fully 3D compatible
  • 100% shape layers
  • Resize or zoom to any size with perfect clarity
  • Move, resize and scroll browsers with accurate movement of all browser and page content.
    • Tabs resize accurately
    • Buttons move accurately
    • Scrollbars adjust accordingly
  • Scrollbars:
    • Appear when page content is too large to fit browser 
    • Hide when there is no content to show.
    • Accurately resize to match browser and web page sizes. 
    • Control scrolling with sliders. 0%-100%
  • All buttons rollover accurately
  • Tabs:
    • Add and remove tabs (up to 4) with a click
    • Select active tab with a click
    • Tabs and their close buttons rollover accurately
    • User definable/modifiable tab text
    • User definable/modifiable tab icons
  • Web Pages
    • Add your own web pages, Just alt/replace existing pages.
    • Pages can be any size. 
    • Scrollbars automatically adjust to fit page size. 
    • 4 modifiable sample pages included
  • URL:
    • Unique URL for each tab
    • URL changes with tab switch
    • User definable
  • Custom effect controls let you set:
    • Number of tabs
    • Active tabs
    • Vertical page scroll
    • Horizontal page scroll
    • Page background color
  • Switch to a new browser with a simple copy/paste.

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  • The script and browsers
  • Controls
After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015, CC 2014