Terrain Builder Cinema 3

  • Compatibility Cinema 4d
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Author: Prizrak_KD

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Quick Overview

Terrain Builder Cinema is the easiest way to create a 3D Map from anywhere on the planet Earth in Cinema 4D.
New in v3: 8K Map Support, Ultra Detailed Mode, Whole Earth inside C4D and more!


Terrain Builder Cinema 3

Terrain Builder Cinema 3 is the perfect tool for creating 3D terrains in Cinema 4D.

  • It is completely customizable and easy to use. 
  • Download 2K, 4K or 8K maps resolution.
  • Support all render engine
  • Ultra details terrain in viewport and render
  • Import GPX file
  • Procedural optimization of GPX track
  • New pipeline for create 10 routes
  • Support custom spline routs
  • New pipeline for create 10 arc routes
  • Icon objects preset library
  • Compatible with Cinema 4D R23 and above
  • Use a powerful MapBox API for download any stylish maps and masks
  • Integrated Download Manager for create any 3D map
  • Now you can create a primitive 3D buildings
  • You have complete control of all main properties in a user-friendly interface
  • Download maps and mask in one click. Just insert link
  • You can build a very complex 3D scene easier and faster than ever. 
  • Warning 1: Does not work in C4D Lite!!!
  • Warning 2: C4D R23+!!!

Create any real 3d location whole earth

Create ultra desalination terrain mesh

Create any real 3d terrain in a couple of clicks

Build any form from procedural shape, black and white image, c4d spline, vector file

A user friendly interface will help you download all the necessary maps

Create a procedural water surface and animate it

Create your own unique surface shader

Now you can easily build buildings on your terrain

Use the full power of the mapbox to create maps of any complexity

Create your own unique style of the entire surface of the planet


Cinema 4D 2023, S26, R25, S24, R23