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Quick Overview

A powerful toolset for animating text layers in After Effects.

Highlight & underline text, add a blinking cursor, format numbers, add monospacing, create a text box, split text by word, and more.

The type of tool you always wanted

Maximum power, minimal design. All to help you animate text in After Effects.

Essential for all the recurring everyday stuff you get asked to do with type in After Effects that… somehow takes forever to do in After Effects.

-Ryan Summers


Make things write

Animate text being typed out by character, word, or line.

Make text flow up, or from the middle.

Add a customizable blinking cursor that automatically tracks with your text.

There's a lot to highlight

Select the text you want to highlight, underline, or strikethrough then press the button. Target layer(s) or a specific range of text.

Hold shift to animate automatically.

Out-of-the box simplicity, unlimited customization.

Box it up

Make a smart rectangle around your text that automatically adapts as the type changes.

Or make a perfectly sized track matte around your text.

Customize either rectangle however you want.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Add a powerful number rig with a click of a button. Automatically format numbers to any locale, add symbols, and abbreviate big numbers.

Or create an automatic time counter that precisely tracks with the time of the layer itself.

You can even add a text motion blur.


Make any text monospaced (regardless of font).

Control the spacing and add variable spacers to target and customize a specific range of your text.

Based on a technique by Thor Sarup.

Slice up your type

Split any text layer by word, line, or character. 100% editable text layers. Retain pixel-perfect positioning & effects.

Advanced parenting preferences available for even more control.

Learn Type in 2 minutes

Easy to use right away.

Watch the full tutorial for a more in-depth look.

Or read the complete Type guide.

All functions work with KBar!

Upgrade Notice

If you own Blinky or Monotize you can get Type for $34. Simply login to the same account and you will see the discount automatically. If you need assistance please open a support ticket.

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