Easy Arrows

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Quick Overview

Attach layers to the ends of a stroke.
Add Your Tags

Attach layers to the ends of a stroke.

Easy Arrows will link and auto-orient an arrow, or custom layers, to a Shape Layer path. You have complete control over the styling of the path and the attached object, even after the script has been run.

Easy Arrows Script UI Panel



  • Select a Shape Layer path.
  • Optional: Select a custom layer to use as the “head” of the stroke; otherwise, a default arrow will be created for you.
  • Optional: Select another layer to use as the “tail” of the stroke.
  • Click “Create Easy Arrow”.

Create End Arrow: Check this box to add a default arrow to the end of your path.

Precomp Layers: Check this box to move the Easy Arrows layers into a new composition.

Update Arrow: Use to make changes to the path after the script has been run.






Easy Arrows Effect Controls


These will now be available on the Arrow Head layer:

  • Easy Arrow Completion: Where the arrow is located on the path (0% - 100%).
  • Easy Arrow Length: The length of the stroke behind the arrow head.
  • Easy Arrow Enable End: Locks the end point of the stroke.
  • Easy Arrow End: Moves the end point when ‘Easy Arrow Enable End’ is checked.
  • Easy Arrow Line Offset: Offset the stroke away from the arrow head.
  • Easy Arrow Reverse Direction: Reverse the arrow’s direction along the path.
  • Easy Arrow Size: Change the stroke width and arrow size proportionally.
  • Easy Arrow Color: Change the stroke and arrow color.

Note: You must keep at least one keyframe on 'Easy Arrow Completion' for the arrow to auto-orient along the path.

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