Randomatic 2

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Author: Romain Cousin

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Quick Overview

The perfect solution for creating random values on 2D, 3D and color properties in After Effects. Also randomize layers!

Randomatic 2,
all about randomness in After Effects
Make your animations more detailed and organic with randomness.

Randomize all 2D, 3D and color properties of After Effects
Choose between static random, animated random or wiggle.
Control the randomized properties with custom made controllers and expressions.
Controller UI

3 different ways to randomize your colors
Numbers are cool but we all love fancy stuff.
Only 2 colors
for a rainbow of possibilities.
Randomatic 2 color gradient
Up to 10 colors.
Randomatic 2 color palette
Hue, Saturation and Luminosity:
One effect to rule them all.
Randomatic 2 color HSL
Manage your Randomatic controllers easily
Don't waste any more time searching and deleting Randomatic expressions by hand.
Let these new options take care of it.
Randomatic 2 delete
Automatically remove the Randomatic effect and all expressions with a single click.
Randomatic 2 Replace
Replace your Randomatic effect with another in a few clicks. It preserves keyframes and settings.
Randomatic 2 transfer
Transfer your Randomatic controllers to any layer, even in another composition.
Randomatic random generator
Random generator
Randomize all your “Random generator” properties at once.
More easing functions
The easing library just expanded. Control your random animations more precisely.
Linear easing
Ease easing
Quad easing
Quart easing
Quint easing
Expo easing
Randomatic 2 also randomizes layers
Unless you like to randomize dozens of layers by hand?
Randomatic 2 layer offset
Randomatic 2 layer extension
Randomatic 2 layer index
Randomatic 2 tutorial
Master the power of randomness!

Upgrade Notice
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If you have any questions or issue please open a support request.
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    Romain Cousin

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