Dropbox macOS Warning

Feb 21, 2024 by aescripts

Null is not an object:


If you are getting an "Unable to execute script at line xxx: Null is not an object" error, please also see this faq.

Are you using the latest version?

Before trying any of the steps below, please make sure you are using the latest version of the tool. Since this issue first appeared, we have developed a workaround that many tools have already incorporated so updating might solve the problem.

If updating to the latest version did not work, please see below

If you use Dropbox on macOS please be warned that the 'Backup This Mac' feature blocks After Effects from being able to access the file system.

This means that most of our tools are not able to function.

Please turn off this feature in the Dropbox preferences.

Please note that normal Dropbox folder operation works just fine. It is only the new feature that is incompatible with After Effects.


Similar Services

It has also been reported that similar services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, etc can also be culprits.


Please note:

  • This only affects Dropbox on macOS. Windows users are not affected.
  • It affects all of After Effects and therefore most of our tools that require system access
  • The normal Dropbox folder is not affected by this, only the 'This Mac' feature in 'Backups'
  • If you are getting an 'Unable to execute script at line . Null is not an object. ' error on mac then this is most likely the culprit but if not see the other suggestion below.

TIP: Some users have reported that turning the feature back on after launching the tools seems to allow everything to keep working.

TIP: Some users have reported that only turning off the Desktop folder inside the 'Manage backup' also fixes the issue