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  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Romain Cousin

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Quick Overview

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Align, flip, stagger, duplicate, stretch and more! All the keyframe essentials for After Effects.

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Discover the "Keyframe Panel" that has always been missing in After Effects
Align, Stagger, Duplicate, Stretch and more!
Keyframes are critical in After Effects, yet there is no built-in panel to handling them.
Keystone comes to the rescue with all the essential options grouped in a single extension.
Keystone UI
Duplicate & flip
Descending stagger
Ascending stagger
Random stagger
Absolute paste
Relative paste
Shift (-10 frames)
Shift (-1 frame)
Shift (+1 frame)
Shift (+10 frames)
Keystone UI
Align first key on the CTI
Align last key on the CTI
Align on layer in point
Align on layer out point
Stretch from the first key
Stretch from the last key
Stretch from the CTI
Align on nearest frame
Constant speed
Interval cleaning
Keyframe color labels
(only in AE 2022 and higher)
Working with keyframes has never been so intuitive
After Effects is all about keyframes but manipulating them can be tedious.
With Keystone's icon-based interface, essential tasks are now just a click away.
Keystone - Demo
Keyframe color labels
Color, group and reselect your keyframes quickly without having to use AE's intricated menus.
(feature only available in AE 2022 and higher)
Keystone - Demo
Enhanced Copy / Paste
In After Effects we can copy and paste keyframes onto the CTI and... that's it.
Keystone offers new useful options to deal with the most common situations.
Keystone - Enhanced Copy and Paste
AE vs Keystone
Avoid unpleasant surprises when you move your keyframes.
Keystone is the only tool that performs additional calculations to preserve your
carefully crafted motion curves.
Keystone - Shift keyframes
Constant speed
Stop struggling to align tangents approximately.
Create smooth curves with one click!
Keystone - Layer group
Up to 3 modes per function
These modes change the way Keystone groups keyframes when processing them
and are accessible using hotkeys.
Layer mode
Property mode
Global mode
Demonstration of the 3 modes with the "flip" function example.
KBar support
The most requested feature of the community is now available!
All Keystone functions are compatible with KBar and it comes with 2 sets of icons.
Keystone - KBar support
More about KBar support in the Keystone documentation.
Actual users talk about Keystone
They are best placed to talk about Keystone and they don't seem to regret it :)
Tutorials & online documentation
Learn everything about Keystone in the online documentation and the tutorial.
School of Motion review
Check out this review of Keystone by School of Motion,
one of the leaders in the motion design community!
After Effects 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018
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