EFX Keying-Alpha Plugin Suite

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Author: EFX Tools

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Quick Overview

A full suite of plugins aimed to help you get better keys and alpha mattes.
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EFX Keying-Alpha Plugin Suite


This suite of plugins consists of many tools developed over many years of compositing when off-the-shelf effects in After Effects would not provide satisfactory results. Some of them solve small problems, like softening an edge of a matte, others evolved into full blown keying solutions.


Feature highlights:

  • combine alpha mattes of different layers with one simple effect,
  • clean an alpha from small speckles left after keying noisy footage or difference matte,
  • feather a matte edge "outwards" - you don't lose thin details,
  • remove a dark edge after keying - this happens when the camera had sharpening turned on,
  • tell the despiller which pixels he should despill and which to leave alone,
  • difficult spill case? Just select the pixels with spill on them and use any of the normal AE effects to remove it,
  • select pixels based on their color, luminosity or even transparency.

New features - Now CS6 compatible native plugins!

New features in version 1.0.5:

  • Alpha Math:
    • added operation Luma to Alpha
    • added operations R,G,B,C,M,Y to Alpha
  • HSL Color Select:
    • added ability to invert each of the conditions
  • SnP:
    • added Iterations feature (SnPx5 is now obsolete)
  • New plugin: Alpha Choke

New features in 1.0.3

New features in version 1.0.3:

  • Alpha Math:
    • new operations: clear alpha, fill alpha, fill alpha (color)
    • the ability to blend between original alpha and the effect
    • the ability to multiply the alpha channel by a float
  • Keyer HSL:
    • increased Hue threshold max value to 360 – helps with selecting white
  • New plugin: Despill Brute

The suite includes 17 plugins:

  • Alpha Choke
  • Alpha Math
  • Alpha S'n'P
  • Alpha Select
  • Alpha Streaks
  • Color Select
  • Color Select HSL
  • Despill
  • Despill Advanced
  • Despill Brute
  • Edge Bleed
  • Edge Blur Keyer
  • Keyer
  • Keyer HSL
  • Luma Select
  • Spill Alpha
  • Despill Brute

You can download the User Manual for details on individual plugins.

To check some of the plugins you can download the EFX Keying-Alpha Free plugins here.

New features in 1.0.5

New features in 1.0.3

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