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Converts a panoramic image into a 3D cylinder that can be used as a background in a 3D composition
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This script converts a panoramic image into a 3D cylinder that can be used as a background in a 3D composition.

pt_Panorama Demo from Video Copilot

How to use:

1. Drop a panoramic image into your main comp and select it. A test image maximus.jpg is included with the script if you want to try it out.

2. Run pt_Panorama and you'll see you have some options:

  • Panorama Angle: If you have a full panorama leave this at 360. Maximus.jpg is only a 180 degree panorama, so in that case you'd set it to 180 to generate a half cyclinder.
  • Number Of Sides: A value between 10-20 should be fine for this. More sides means longer render times.
  • Side Overlap: The sides overlap outside the cylinder to prevent gaps when Motion Blur is on and the camera is moving fast. You can leave this at its default value unless you intend to see the cylinder from the outside, in which case set the value to 10. Or set the value to 500 and view the outside of the cylinder for a cool effect!

3. Click Apply and the 3D panorama will be generated and placed in a precomp. The layer is scaled to 10000% in order to simulate a distant background.

If you switch to a Custom View you may not see the cylinder as it is so big. Select the layer and choose View > Look At Selected Layers to reveal it. In Top View you'll see a wireframe line that represents the cylinder's center and diameter.

pt_Panorama Demo from Video Copilot

pt_Panorama was used in this Lexus Toyota Hybrid Drive Commercial

After Effects CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3