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Quick Overview

Blend allows users to define property states on start and end controllers. The system will blend the difference between the two states across a desired number of objects.


Blend is a tool for After Effects which allows the user to define two states for a desired number of objects to blend between.

The basic blend system creates a start and end controller which both support position, rotation, scale and opacity. The user can also include additional properties such as trim paths or fill and stroke colours by using the add property button.

The tool supports parented and 3d layers and provides the user with an easy-to-use delay system, which when combined with additional properties creates unique results.

Blend is easy to use, removes complexity and allows the user to focus on crafting beautiful animations.


You may need to ensure that the anchor points are centered on your artwork layers before creating a blend system.

The trial version is limited, you'll only be able to use a basic blend system, additional properties can only be added to a licensed system. If you purchase a license, you will need to recreate any existing systems in order to unlock the full functionality of the script.

Blend Adjustment

Blend Controls

The Blend Controls Effect allows the user to add delay to the blend system and control how the delay is applied to the blend using the Even and Reserve Delay checkboxes.

Blend Adjustment allows the user to adjust the positioning of the blend objects.

Controlling the Delay

Add delay to any animation using the Blend Controls Effect. Activate the Even and Reverse Delay checkboxes to change the way the delay effects the animation.

Delay Types
Blend Adjustment

Blend Adjustment

The Blend Adjustment slider allows the user to move the blended objects to either the start or end controllers, allowing the user to animate the blend depending on their needs.

Adding and Removing

Adding and removing objects to and from the blend system is easy! Simply use CMD + D (Mac) or Control + D (Windows) to increase the amount of objects included in the blend and simply delete objects to remove them.

Delay Types
Blend Adjustment

Add any Keyframeable Property to a Blend system!

If the property can be animated it can be added to a Blend system, which gives the user thousands of opportunities to creatively use the tool.

Consistent Stroke Widths

Maintaining stroke widths with Blend is as simple as ticking a box, literally, a checkbox will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Delay Types
Blend Adjustment

Become a Blend Master

Make good use of precomps, master properties and expressions to expertly extend the possibilities of the Blend system.

Blend Tutorial

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