bq_Shape Layer Navigator

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Quick Overview


A customizable toolbar to help you navigate shape layers. Less searching. More finding.

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Shape layers are great -- but they can be a pain to navigate. 

That's where bq_Shape Layer Navigator comes in. It lets you blaze through shape layers like a pro. You can:

• Isolate Shape Layers
• Jump Between Shape Groups
• Move Properties Up & Down / In & Out of Groups
• Select Specific Shape Transforms (Stroke Width, Fill Color, etc)
• Expression Link Property Values
• Quickly Rename Multiple Props in Succession

• Select All Shape Groups
• Jump to Next & Prevs Props / In & Out of Groups
• Select Paths, Fills, Strokes, Colors, Shape Transforms
• Select Specific Colors (Matching, Expressions, etc)
• Quickly Edit Multiple Values in Succession
• And more...  



Customizable Interface

You shouldn't have to look at more buttons than you need -- that's why we made the entire UI customizable.

• Rearrange all buttons
• Show or hide any button
• Icon or text buttons
• Live UI updates

The Buttons

 Isolate All Shape Layers
- Click to isolate shape layers
- Shift+Click to reset isolation

 Select All Shape Groups
- Click to select all shape groups
- Ctrl+Click to select shape contents
- Alt+Click to deselect non-groups

 Select Prev Shape Group
- Click to select previous shape group
- Alt+Click to jump to first shape group
- Ctrl+Click to jump to prev shape layer

 Select Next Shape Group
Click to select next shape group
Alt+Click to jump to last shape group
Ctrl+Click to jump to next shape layer

 Select This Level
Click to select all inside same group

 Select Inside Level
Click to select all inside prop group
- Shift+Click to jump to parents

   Jump To Group
- Click to jump to first/middle/last group

 Toggle Enabled  
 - Toggle enabled (eyeball icon) 

 Select Previous Property
- Click to selected previous property at same level
- Shift+Click to jump to parent property of selected
- Ctrl+Click to move selected props up in group
- Ctrl+Shift+Click to move selected props out of group 

 Select Next Property
- Click to selected next property at same level
Shift+Click to jump into selected prop group
Ctrl+Click to move selected props down in group
Ctrl+Shift+Click to move selected props into below group 

 Select Strokes
Click to select all stroke properties
Ctrl+Click to select specific 
stroke props (width, color, etc)

 Select Paths
Click to select all path properties
Ctrl+Click to select paths w expressions

 Select Fills
Click to select all fill properties
Ctrl+Click to select specific fill props
(color, opacity, etc)

 Select Colors
- Click to select all color properties
- Ctrl+Click to select specific color props (matching color, expressions, etc)

 Select Shape Properties
Click to select all parametric shape properties

 Select Shape Transforms
Click to select all shape transform props
Ctrl+Click to select specific transforms
(Scale, Position, etc)

 Edit Value
Click to edit props in succession 

 Expression Link Values
Click to link selected prop values
to first selected prop
Shift+Click to link to last sel'd prop
(props with same value type)

 Deselect Props
- Click to deselect properties
- Shift+Click to deselect layers with
no selected props 

 Quick Rename
- Click to rename props in succession 





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