Cavalry Importer Beta

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Author: Danim

Availability: No Longer Available

Quick Overview


Cavalry Importer lets you edit some attributes of a Cavalry project and render it directly inside After Effects and Premiere Pro. A kind of motion graphics template, with Cavalry!


Free beta extended to 2022. Please update to continue using Cavalry Importer.

With Cavalry Importer, create a library of assets with Cavalry, and use it inside Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Like a motion graphic template, you can edit some attributes (not all, for now) to quickly render a background or a text animation with all the power of Cavalry and its procedural system. Stay organized and find your assets easily thanks to the category and tags system.

If you haven't used Cavalry yet, stop everything and do it now:

Important informations:

- Please keep in mind that Cavalry Importer is somewhere between a proof of concept and a work in progress. This tool hasn't any connection with Adobe and Cavalry teams. So if you encounter an issue, please report it with the support section of the extension or on our Discord.

- Cavalry has to be installed in its default location.

For now, Cavalry Importer only detects your last active composition inside Cavalry, so don't forget to activate the good composition in Cavalry.

- You can't edit all the parameters of your project. For now, colors, color arrays, text content, value behaviour and images (image shader only) are supported. If you want to edit another attribute with Cavalry Importer, you have to create a value behaviour in "Create > Behaviours > Value" and link the attribute to this behaviour. Then you'll be able to edit the value attribute with Cavalry Importer. You have to follow a similar process to edit attributes like "Image to Shape": link the image in your "Image to Shape" to an image shader.

- When you import a project, a copy is created with the assets in %APPDATA%/Cavalry Importer/db/projects". So if you edit your source project, you have to reimport it. BTW, if you want to transfer all your library, you just have to copy and paste the db folder.

- Last version has been tested on PPro and AE 2020, with Cavalry PR13.

- Cavalry Importer will be free as long as it remains a beta version. The current license will expire on January 31.

- Sorry for the bad audio in the overview. I haven't got my mic during the lockdown. Same thing for my english accent, I lost it at the beginning of the lockdown...

Thanks to Skan Triki for the projects used in the overview.

If you want to talk with us about this tool, feel free to contact us on your favorite social network:
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After Effects 2020, CC 2019
Premiere 2020, CC 2019