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Author: SideshowFX

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Quick Overview

900 pre-programmed Stream Deck XL, Stream Deck 15 Key and Touch Portal shortcut keys for Davinci Resolve plus 1400+ icons.




● 1400+ Shortcut Icons Labelled
● 1400+ Shortcut Icons Unlabelled
● 68 page Stream Deck XL Profile with 1200 pre-programmed keys (Mac/ Win)
● 73 page Stream Deck Regular (15 key) Profile with 926 pre-programmed keys (Mac/ Win)
● 69 page Touch Portal Profile with 1200 pre-programmed keys (Mac/ Win)
● Custom Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac and Windows - english keyboard only)
● 87 page pdf manual

*Profiles not tested on non-english keyboards - some keys may need to be manually changed


***NEW Version 2.0.2 now features a profile for the Regular Stream Deck (15 Key) device as well as the Stream Deck XL. 1200 fully programmed Stream Deck and Touch Portal Davinci Resolve shortcuts plus all 1400+ icons.

Built upon the success of our most popular release the Davinci Resolve Shortcut Icons Complete Collection, this set has been created directly for the professional editor and colorist.

While keeping the original structure intact, we built upon the original Stream Deck and Touch Portal profiles, laying out the pages and commands logically to fit the most common post-production workflows and adding between 926 and 1200 shortcut commands, all programmed and ready to go. This collection also includes over 1400 icons featuring almost every command, tool and function within the application giving you the ability to customize and fine tune these already complete profiles.

The icons come in two sets: Labelled and Unlabelled.


NEW! Now includes a profile for the regular 15 key Stream Deck as well!


68 pages of Stream Deck XL shortcuts all fully programmed and organized for the most common post production workflow.


73 pages of Stream Deck 15 Key shortcuts all fully programmed and organized for the most common post production workflow.




69 pages of Touch Portal shortcuts all fully programmed and organized for the most common post production workflow.




Use your IPad as a professional Davinci console for a fraction of the cost

New in Version 2.0, pre-built and labelled node trees. Chose from 9 different color grading structures from basic to advanced workflow. Just press a button and the node tree builds ready for your grades.


Which Davinci Pack should you get? The Pro pack gives you a more polished icon design along with a professional workflow laid out in the profiles. This along with 4 times as many programmed keys for Stream Deck and Touch Portal.



*Note:The profiles provided are built with english keyboard shortcuts only. You may have to modify some commands if you need to use a non-english keyboard for the profiles.




AR_End      SS_End
Aharon Rabinowitz   Scott Simmons
Video Editor, Writer and Managing Editor Pro Video Coalition
scottsimmons.tv  provideocoalition.com
Ty Gultekin
Co-founder Touch Portal

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Upgrade Notice

If you purchased our Davinci Resolve Shortcut Icons Complete Collection (which only contains 267 programmed keys vs 900 on this pack), you can cross-grade to this Pro pack for $19.99. Simply login to the same account, add this item to your cart, and the discount pricing will be shown automatically. If you have any questions please open a support request


The video below will give you an idea of how these icon packs and profiles can improve your workflow. The video details the use of the After Effects set with Touch Portal but the prinicipals apply to all of our packs and to the use with Stream Deck Devices.

  • DavPro_SD_Mon
  • DavPro_IPad_Mon
  • DavPro_Product
  • DavPro_SD_Screens
  • DavPro_All
  • DavPro_Print_Lights
  • DavPro_Ipad_Animate
  • DavPro_SD_Animate
  • SS_End
  • TP_End
  • AR_End
  • DavPro_TP_Screens
  • MDB
  • DavPro_SD_Screens2
  • DavPro_FNT
  • DavPro_compare
  • DavPro_TP_Screens2
  • DavPro_15Key
  • DavPro_Compare2
  • DavPro_15Key_Screens
  • DavPro_15Key2
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