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Author: Atomic Lotus

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Quick Overview

Open, import, and create IconJar icon archives directly in Adobe Illustrator.

Open, import, and create IconJar icon archives directly in Adobe Illustrator on Mac and Windows

Icon Mason is an extension for Adobe Illustrator that works as a companion, not a a replacement, for IconJar. Of course, you don't have to have IconJar for Icon Mason to work. You can still open, import, and create IconJar archives that are 100% compatible with the IconJar app.

Windows Compatible

Until now, IconJar archives could only be used on a Mac. Now you can read and create IconJar archives on Illustrator for Windows.

Drag-n-Drop from IconJar files, directly in Illustrator

With Mason, you can open IconJar files, search, and drag-n-drop the icons without ever leaving Illustrator. Mason is a native extension that runs in a palette so you can add it to your workflow seamlessly.

Import the Icons to Artboards

Mason allows you to import the icons from your IconJar to individual artboards* in your Illustrator file. This is useful for icon designers who need to edit all of their icons in one place.

Export to IconJar Format

Export your artboards to IconJar format, fully compatible with the IconJar desktop app. With Mason you can create, edit, and export IconJar files directly from Illustrator.

Search by File Name and Tags

Mason uses fuzzy search to find your icons by file name and tags so you don't need to match the file name or tags exactly. You can also configure the search to be as strict or flexible as you like.

Add, Edit, & Replace Icons

With Mason, you can easily add, edit, and replace individual icons in the IconJar file. Add icons from your file system or by selecting the icon in Illustrator.

330 Free Icons

Icon Mason includes 300 free icons from Round Icons. If you like these, you'll love the full collection of over 40,000 icons - updated monthly with 1,000 new icons. Also included are 30 free icons from Diversity Avatars

Icon Mason UI

User's Guide

Learn more about Icon Mason in the User's Guide

Illustrator 2020, CC 2019