Layer Sherpa

  • Compatibility After Effects
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Author: Ty Getterman

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Quick Overview

Layer Sherpa is a replacement for Adobe's defective Align panel (and so much more) in a tabbed UI enhanced by hotkeys.


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Layer Sherpa is an After Effects script to help motion designers navigate tedium, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy from a minimal tabbed interface enhanced by hotkeys.

Feature Overview: 2D/3D Alignment | Guides | Anchor Points | Time Set/Restore | Null Parenting | Position Keying | Advanced Repositioning | Variables | Distribution | Shapes | Mattes | Parenting | In/Out Points | Layer Shifting | Layer Staggering | Match Dimensions | Transitions | Relative/Absolute/Reset Scale & Rotate



  • To Composition
  • Inside Composition, Outside Composition, Constrained Axis, Group Align, 3D
  • To Selection
  • Inside Selection, Outside Selection, Constrained Axis, Group Align, 3D
  • To Target Layer
  • Inside Target Layer, Outside Target Layer, Constrained Axis, 3D
  • Anchor Point
  • Anchored to Layer, Anchored to Selection


  • To Composition
  • Centered, Divided, or Offset to Composition
  • To Selection
  • Centered, Divided, or Offset to Selection
  • To Target Layer
  • Centered, Divided, or Offset to Target Layer

Parent Nulls

  • To Composition
  • User-Chosen Null Location
  • To Selection
  • User-Chosen Null Location

Timeline Navigation

  • Increment/Decrement
  • 1 Frame, 10 Frames, 1 Second, Timeline Beginning/End, Layer InPoints
  • Save or Restore
  • Exact Time Restoration

Relative Reposition

  • By Pixels
  • User-Entered or Hotkey (1px, 10px, 100px)
  • By Percent of Layer
  • User-Entered or Hotkey (1%, 10%, 100%)
  • By Percent of Comp
  • User-Entered or Hotkey (1%, 10%, 100%)

Mirror Axes

  • X or Y Axis
  • Mathematically flip location of layers without flipping the content itself

Advanced Offset

  • X/Y/Z Axes
    Supports Math and Variables
  • Math Operators
    + - * / ( )
  • Variables
    lw (layer width),
    lh (layer height),
    sw (selection width),
    sh (selection height),
    cw (comp width),
    ch (comp height)

Measure Position Shift

  • From Two Position Keyframes
  • Supports Separate Dimensions
  • Any two X Position and/or Y Position and/or Z Position Keyframes

Distribute Layers

  • X/Y/Z Axes

Flip Layers

  • X/Y/Z Axes

Shape/Matte Creation

  • Rectangle or Ellipse
  • Includes Rounded Rectangle, as Shape or Track Matte
  • Padding
  • Supports Math and Variables
  • Scale Basis
  • 100% or 100px. (100px option means that each percent measures one pixel)
  • Many Options
  • Above Layer or Below Layer (Using Padding Checkbox), Layer Size, Padded, Constrained Square or Circle, Selection Size, Constrained Selection Size

Feature Dropdown

  • Set/Remove Parent
  • Layer Above or Below Selection, User-Chosen Parent, Remove Parent
  • Set In/Out Points
  • Match Layer In/Out (or Both), Set Layer Duration, From Time Indicator, Shift Layers
  • Stagger/Order Layers
  • Stagger Ascending, Stagger Descending, By Frame, End-to-End, From Time Indicator, Invert Layer Order
  • Match Dimensions
  • Fit, Fill, Equal To

One-Click Transitions

  • Fade In/Out
  • To Layer or From Indicator
  • Scale In/Out
  • To Layer or From Indicator

One-Click Scale/Rotate

  • Increment/Decrement Scale
  • Proptional or Individual Axis, 1%, 10%, Size in Layer Name, Reset
  • Increment/Decrement Rotation
  • X/Y/Z Axis, 1º, 10º, Reset


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