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Author: PENCIL Park

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Quick Overview

Style Up! Pimp your workspace while effortlessly adjusting your Anchor Points across your timeline, ensuring your animations are spot-on with minimal fuss.

Skin Anchor: The Fancier Time Saver of All Time.

We didn't reinvent the wheel: we added a rim! 

Skin Anchor is built around simplicity, efficiency and cuddles.
it allows you to effortlessly adjust the anchor point across a layer's path, ensuring your animations are spot-on with minimal fuss.
Need to tweak your layer's position without messing with your keyframes?
Fine. Shift-Click" lets you do that.
"Alt-Click" to customize your tool by selecting a new skin.
We are not changing the game. We perfume your workspace with flowers...Or a Koala.

skinAnchor Quick Start :


  • -Your skinAnchor covers nine anchor point positions: top, middle, or bottom, left to right.
  • -Click on the desired position on skinAnchor to move the anchor point to that location on your layer.
  • -Hold down Shift and adjust your layer's position while keeping the anchor point stationary.

Personalizing skinAnchor

  • -Hold down the Alt key for the main feature and click to open the skin selection menu.
  • -Select a skin to customise skinAnchor. Choose your vibe, from sleek to quirky, and make skinAnchor look like it was made for you: it’s your tool.
  • Then, relaunch Skin Anchor, and voilà.


After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020
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    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects


    ANIMATORS: Effortlessly Label, Export & Organize your animations. Also Great for creating Behind the Scenes renders of your project.

    Designed for animators working with vertical stacks of layers. It streamlines your workflow by automatically labeling, exporting, and organizing your layers + a video, without cluttering your project or altering your work,  allowing you to focus on creating without manual hassles. Experience seamless integration with Photoshop-style organization and added benefits like customizable labeling and layer order.

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    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects
    • Compatibility Photoshop
    • Compatibility Premiere
    • Compatibility Illustrator

    Motion Clock

    Accurately tracks and exports (Bar chart and CSV) your project hours in real-time in all Adobe Creative Suite applications (After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro).  It's intuitive, unobtrusive, and syncs with your workflow effortlessly. Motion Clock ensures that every minute counts. Don't just track time; master it.

    Pros, Freelancers: One-time leap, eternal tracking. Your creative flow is charted and sketched into an easy-to-export report!

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  • REACH: AEssential Kit

    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects

    REACH: AEssential Kit


    Ready to take your motion design workflow to uncharted territories?  Reach is an all-encompassing, adaptable, and ever-evolving toolset.
    It infuses the After Effects toolkit with a medley of uniquely innovative utilities. From elementary to intricate, Reach takes the expected and elevates it into the realm of the extraordinary. Simplify the complex, streamline the cumbersome, and catalyze your creativity with Reach - the quintessential companion for every After Effects adventurer

    Elevate your art. Reach for the stars.

    Download our manual

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  • Splash

    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects


    Create a magnetic 3D isometric Map in 1 click, set up Golden Ratio Guides, 16:9 Guides, Hex Map...And above all, manage items, anchors and guides like never before!

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  • tinyvodoo

    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects


    Animate pins easier. Period. Solution for the puppeteering woes of the digital age: The Seamless Puppet Tool puts the "fun" in function, as it effortlessly unlocks creative freedom with its refreshingly unpretentious pin tracking and conjuring controller abilities. Prepare to be enchanted!

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  • base

    PENCIL Park

    • Compatibility After Effects

    Volume n' Tricks 2

    25% Off until April 20. Craft Breathtaking Animations in Faux-3D, compatible with Lottie Files. Multiple Layers Projection. Projected Parented Isometric Shadows. Pivot/Rotation Feature. And more!

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