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Author: James Hoff

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Quick Overview

Align anchor points and positions to layer, composition, or parent area. Detects areas of precomps + masks + track mattes + expressions + more.

Basic Anchor Adjustment GIF Adjust Anchor Point
LEFT-click:Adjust the anchor point of the selected layer without moving the layer.
Basic Position Adjustment GIF Adjust Position
RIGHT-click:Adjust the position relative to the composition.
Precomp GIF Precomps

Precomps can be adjusted just like any other layer. The script detects precomp content area based on all the layers inside it.

Calculation Methods:
  • Corner: Use layer corners to determine area
  • Vertex: Use layer vertices to determine area
NOTE: Bezier curves are not calculated in vertex mode. This may result in slightly inaccurate edge calculation. This affects shapes and masks.
Masks GIF Masks
  • Add
  • Subtract
  • Add-Inverted
  • Subtract-Inverted
Track Matte GIF Track Mattes
  • Alpha
  • Alpa-Inverted
  • Set Matte Effect
NOTE: Alpha channel isn't actually used, instead calculations are performed using the matte's vertices or layer edges.
Use Parent Anchor Adjustment GIF Adjust Anchor Point to Parent
LEFT-click:Adjust the anchor point relative to the parent's content area.
Use Parent Position Adjustment GIF Adjust Position to Parent
RIGHT-click:Adjust the position relative to the parent's content area.
Not Supported
  • Layers
    • 2D
    • Solid
    • Shape
    • Text
    • Null
    • Footage
    • Adjustment
  • Masks
    • Add
    • Subtract
    • Add-Inverted
    • Subtract-Inverted
  • Plugins
    • Animation Composer
  • Track Mattes and Set Matte Effect
    • Alpha
    • Alpha-Inverted

      Note: Calculated using track matte vertices/edges, not alpha channel
  • Parametric Shapes
    • Ellipse
    • Rectangle (roundness not supported)
    • Polygons (roundness not supported)
    • Stars (roundness, inner radius not supported)
  • Layers
    • Camera
    • Light
    • Environment
    • 3D: skipped by default, can force-allow in Settings (3D adjustments coming in the future)
  • Masks
    • Bezier Curves (vertex mode)
  • Layer Effects
    • Puppet, Distortions, etc.
    • Only effect supported is Set Matte
  • Plugins
    • Most 3D and Layer Effect creating plugins
    • Please download the trial version to check before purchasing
  • Shape Layer Contents
    • Stroke Width
    • Merge Paths
    • Trim Paths
    • Bezier Curves (vertex mode)
    • Transform: Skew (vertex mode)


Interface Breakdown Interface Breakdown

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