Mettle Flux

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Author: Mettle

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Quick Overview

3D Volumetric Fractal Flames. Create beautiful backgrounds, Nebulas and sci-fi fx, in traditional and 360/VR formats.

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Create space scenes, Nebulas, sci-fi fx, and more.


  • Formats: Traditional video, 360/VR Monoscopic and Stereoscopic O/U and SBS

  • FLUX Preset Panel for one click application of animations

  • Additional presets in FLUX Effects Control Panel in After Effects

  • Globe Preview Panel to work and view results in 360°

  • Customize with: Force Field, Mutations, Iterations, Evolutions, Lights, Symmetry

  • GPU Accelerated, with Volumetric Rendering

  • Supports native After Effects 3D camera

  • Built-in camera for After Effects and Premiere Pro

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How to Create a 3D X-Ray Effect in After Effects with Flux and Mantra V2

Download After Effects Project File

How to Generate FLUX Atmosphere and 3D track to a Scene in After Effects

Download After Effects Project File


"Flux feels like science fiction after so many years wishing that I could have a tool like this.

I’ve had a deep fascination with fractal flames for over 20 years, but the extreme render times and lack of interactive control in programs like Electric Sheep has always kept them a distant fascination. Now along comes Flux, and it absolutely floors me. Not only do I finally get to play with fractal flames, I get to render them in stereo 360º, I can use match moved cameras, and I can actually interactively tweak the parameters. Every time I use Flux I still have to pinch myself that it is real – that it is actually doing what it does. "

- Andy Cochrane, Independent Immersive Content Creator

FLUX V1.10 New Features Overview .

* More mutation variations - more interesting results
* Final mutation
* New presets: Blooming Fern, Laniakea, Starburst
* Randomize Mutations button
* Render Modes: Depth, Anaglyph, Equiluma, Cross Section
* Ability to select OBJ file as Force Field shape
* Rotation controls for Force Field
* Recursive Zoom
* Clipping planes
* Clipping by OBJ shape

Preset Blooming Fern Volume

FLUX V1.10 includes more presets .

OBJ Force Field

V1.10: Select OBJ file as Force Field shape

Preset Panel

FLUX Preset Panel - Animation Presets with one click application

Ideal for atmospheric effects like Aurora Borealis.

Video Showcase

Getting Started Tutorial

  • Solar Winds
  • FLUX Preset Panel
  • Preset Laniakea
  • Preset Blooming Fern Volume
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  • Mantra V2


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    Mantra V2

    Step into AR Content Creation in After Effects and Premiere Pro. Includes 360/VR VFX to stlylize footage

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  • Mettle Super Suite


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    Mettle Super Suite

    Get all the Mettle plugins and save: Mettle Flux, Mantra V2 and Freeform Pro

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  • FreeForm Pro


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    FreeForm Pro

    NEW LOWER PRICE! Was $299. Pro-Level 3D Mesh Warp Plug-in for After Effects. Use with GEOlayers to create 3D terrains based on real data. Purchase them together and save 25%

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