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Author: Steve Lewis

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Quick Overview

Make your After Effects templates editable online through an easy to use, drag and drop editor. Also connect mogrt properties to spreadsheet data to generate many videos at once.

Download the FREE version by clicking on the green TRY button above.

MoDeck is also available as a recurring subscription

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You control the creative,
they control the content.

Make your After Effects mogrts effortlessly editable online by anyone through a drag and drop, mobile ready editor, all in their browser


Give anyone the power to use your projects

Producers, team members, marketing managers, anyone can make videos by inputting data such as text, images and number values into your After Effects files through an easy online editor.


Putting mogrt files to work

Templates are built using standard mogrt files, just install the desktop app and drop mogrt files in your sync folder and they'll instantly be online and ready for anyone you invite to input data and media.


Create data driven video sets

Video versioning made effortless. Need to create the same video in multiple languages? How about hundreds of videos, each containing different text and graph data? Through the online editor anyone can generate large sets of customized videos driven by spreadsheet data.

How it works.

For more in-depth details, check out the docs.

  • one

    Sign up and download the free desktop app

    Download and install the free desktop app, log in, and set your sync folder location.

  • two

    Make a deck (a video template)

    A deck is simply a collection of mogrt files. Make a folder in your sync folder and add your mogrt files to it, you have now made a deck that will be synced to the online editor. These mogrts can optionally be further extended through the use of Modk commands.

  • three

    Invite others to use your deck

    Invite someone by entering their email address in the decks settings with the desktop app, they can now open this deck in the online editor where they'll see all the decks mogrts, edit their properties, and arrange them in sequence to create videos.

  • four

    Rendering edits

    The desktop app runs in the system tray and will detect when an editor has requested a render, this will automatically start Media Encoder to render the edit and send a download link to the user once complete. With the desktop app you can also choose to render any edits yourself or output edits to After Effects to make manual adjustments.

Download the free desktop app

The desktop app syncs your mogrts to the online editor and integrates with After Effects.

  • Edit decks online for free, forever!
  • Create decks free for 14 days
  • Create 2 decks
  • Invite 1 user per deck
  • Up to 3 mogrts per deck
Popular Choice
  • Create up to 5 decks
  • Invite 3 users per deck
  • Up to 8 mogrts per deck
  • Unlimited decks
  • Unlimited editors per deck
  • Unlimited mogrts per deck
  • Generate video sets from data
  • Customize color scheme and logo of editor
  • Share decks with a link
  • Embed the editor on your own site
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