Instant Assets Versioning for Premiere Pro

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Quick Overview

Version up/down your clips in the Premiere Pro timeline with a single click. Avoid the hassle of the time-consuming standard procedure!

Instant Assets Versioning is an easy but powerful tool, designed to streamline the editing workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro. With a single click, this extension allows users to quickly switch between different versions of clips in the timeline, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy during the editing process.




Instant switching between versions:

|Swiftly alternate between various versions of a clip, without manually replacing them, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors.




Jump directly to the first or last version:

switch to the latest (or first) version available.


Before/after comparison:

Switch from last/previous version (and viceversa) with a click, to quickly compare the differences between versions.



Error Reduction:

By eliminating the need to manually replace clips, Instant Assets Versioning helps minimize errors during the editing process, allowing users to focus more on creativity.

Simple and Intuitive:

The tiny and simple interface of Instant Assets Versioning, makes using the extension extremely intuitive.


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